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    I don't play mtgpq as much now because of time, there's other games out there that are less grindy. 

    The events I look forward to are legacy and or the odd standard, and they're through the ages, ravnica (or however it's spelled), and that dnd one when I remember to and that event that costs 100 cause I love the rewards tbh, it's fun and not that grindy. 

    I don't want more matches that take me many many hours (cause like I do other stuff when I play phone games) because it's like trying to level up pikachu on pokemon yellow or such grindy game play. You need better stuff like the ideas suggested by those in posts before me, to keep peoples attention. 
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    Put my vote in for 10/5/5, please.
  • Fliggl
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    Dear Oktagon, 

    The player base has repeatedly and consistently asked for a daily event that is less grindy than Zendikar Expeditions. Please change the ribbon structure for Revolving Planeswalk to 10/5/5. Changing it to 10/5/5 is a win win. More people will play this event and newer players will find it more fun and are more likely to continue playing the game. Your player base will also know that you listen and care about their opinions, which will increase goodwill tremendously. Let's grow this great game together.
  • RedHerring
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    @Oktagon_Support Please listen to the players. There is zero support for the format of the event you are planning.

     Changing to at least 5/5/5 before it kicks off will reduce amount of negativity. You've tried this 2/3/5 nonsense already with ZE and you know how it ended. Don't forget of all the bugs that we'll fish out in the event and there will be quite quite a few. At least make it tolerable..
  • Epitymbidia
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    10/5/5 seems like a great points structure, but in any case, PLEASE - for the love of god or whatever - at least change it to 5/5/5 before the event gets released into the wild.

    MtGPQ is a MOBILE game! Do you have any idea how long it takes to play all necessary TG, TofP and ZE matches, plus whatever else is running? On top of all that some people do like to build new decks, too, experiment with card combinations and interactions. Granted, you can test ideas in the TG and even in ZE, but quite often you have to compromise event objectives for that.

    Making the new daily event even more grind-intensive than the Expeditions already are is a terrible, terrible approach. 
  • Bil
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    That just leaves me speechless ...

    After 2 years grinding the same daily event there's a HUGE expectation around this New version ... And you guys know it very well.

    You've spent 2 years hearing the whole community pointing out how boring IS this 7 games grind (in particular over such a long period of Time ... Cause we could have a New daily event more often you know ... 2 years is A LOT).

    So ... that's it? 2 years of feedback and expectations and we get a grindier version of the most unpopular daily event you ever released  ... Kudos Time Indeed.

    Do i have to mention i'm on the 10/5/5 side ?
  • sarimace
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    Wow, 20 gold net for 10 matches? Once you have most of the set, those rewards are worse than the training grounds... As it stands, I am not gonna play this event after I stop getting new cards from the packs. And reading the comments above, I am not the only one by far.
    If you want people to enjoy the daily event, you need to decrease the number of perfect games necessary, not increase.
    Also, why exactly the same rewards as from ZE? IDK, add a second booster somwhere, 10 more jewels, 10 more crystals... Runes are useless for most players in platinum, and its pretty frustrating, when half the rewards are basically nonexistent. Even if not increase, you could spread them out over the progression, so it is not as punishing to start the event and not finish. In the current reward/progression, I need to finish 5 perfect games to break even in terms of crystals, and before that, I get nothing (as its only runes and a single pack, form which I will get only duplicate cards after about a month). That is a lot of time spent on a game, and thats just to break even. I am not gonna do that most of the time.
  • zolesz
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    Yes please, don't make an already unpopular event even worse, when you could finally make it better after 2 years of struggle and all the feedback you got from your player base.
    Make it less games to complete, or improve the rewards already at the lower end of progression.
  • Epitymbidia
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    You know, it would also help a bit if you would get rid of the entrance fee. 20 crystals to enter a Zendikar Expedition is silly enough as it is, the event should have been free from the get-go anyway. But as Sarimace mentioned, receiving a plus of only 20 crystals in the end for an event like THIS? That's just not practical overall.
    Removing the entrance fee would at least make sure that you don't get punished in case you can't find the time to finish the event, considering how long it would take to do that. 
  • Nyarlathotep
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    I am actually baffled by oktagons absolute inability to understand what it is that their players (which by the way are most likely the ppl that actually pay your bills) like or want.

    We have been asking for several years now that we would love an event that allows us to win exclusive mythics, like rising tensions as a daily event.
    Those orbs really helped me get where i am now.

    And you come up with an event that is worse than the worst event we ever got?

    Is this ignorance, or do you like being shouted at, or what the heck is your problem?

    Let me sum up the last two years really quick:

    The entry fees are getting higher and higher.
    The actual rewards are getting lower and lower.
    And the number if games needed to complete an event is getting higher and higher,too.

    What is wrong with you?

    Do you not understand why ppl loved rising tensions,or events like avacyns madness?
    Let me explain it to you.
    A whole lot of players still do not own the old legacy power cards like deploy the gatewatch.
    Getting a free mythic pull is a huge deal for them.
    Did you notice that I wrote free mythic pull?
    I meant it.
    Free, as in no entry fee to start playing.

    Zendikar Expeditions is garbage,because of the entry fee, the reward structure and the number of games needed to win all the tiny prices.
    This new event is event worse.
    Reward structures are getting worse and worse and not only for the daily events. Look at those coalition rewards.
    In the past we win three to five times the amount of currency that we can win now.

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
    You officially tinykittied up in a way i had thought was not possible.

    May each one of you get 200 years old. At least that way you pay taxes for 180 years.

    Cheers Nyar 
  • IPA
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    I posted a gripe earlier, but now these folks have come up with some great feedback.  Remember Rising Tensions?  It was amazing.  It was rather quick to run daily and gave great rewards.  It allowed newer players to build up crafting resources much faster and gave incentives to play.  Please take all the feedback that is given and run with it!  10/5/5 at a minimum, please.  Thanks for all that you do.
  • ReadingRambo
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    The scrounger plan, please. 10/5/5 would be so good for this event. If you manage to ace it, you can get it done in 5 matches, more likely 5 or 6 if you miss an objective. That is a much more reasonable time commitment for a daily event - especially a daily where you have a buy in and are thus compelled to finish it. 

    I really like the game still, I *want* to play more - but I fell off the zendikar daily event because it felt like I was punished for not putting enough time into it. This would be helpful to prevent old players from burning out, and give newer players a great way to fill out a set and feel incentivized to keep playing. 

    Scrounger plan, please!
  • Vesticles
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    I agree with the consensus here, please make this new event 10/5/5. While I’m very much looking forward to this new set and event, I just don’t think grinding out 10 perfect games is going to sit well most players, new and old. There was also mention of alternatives to runes as rewards for platinum level players, if there’s any way to make that happen, please consider doing it. Many of us have way more runes than we’ll ever use. 
  • Firstofhisname419
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    I suspect the plan is the introduce 5/3/2, then show their benevolence by gifting us with a 5/5/5 reward after "feedback."  
  • BongoTheGrey
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    @Epitymbidia brings a very important point to this discussion. This is a mobile game. You play mobile games when you have a break of whatever you are doing or when you find some time here and there. Finding time to get at least 10 perfect scores to complete an event that basically nets you 20 gold is unrealistic.

    Mobile games should be something that I want to open to have fun, not something that feels like a chore.
  • AoMadness
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    I realy think it should be 5 for a win and 5 for each objectiv, 15 points per node was a fair compromise with ZE as it was a grind yes but getting 15 is better then 10 points. Plus maybe look at rotating the packs every new set make it more interesting.
  • Daninja
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    Please, reconsider the ribbon structure to be 10/5/5 for this event. It looks like a fun one. As one of the recently returned players, I'm very low on newer cards and would definitely play this, but it needs to feel enjoyable rather than like a grindy slugfest.

    Please, show us that you listen to the community.
  • Scydrex7
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    I agree with the general tone of what has been posted above so far. Making this design decision for the new daily event feels like moving backwards. I concur with the suggestion of raising the ribbons awarded to 10 for the primary objective and 5 for each secondary one. 

    We have to keep in mind this event would run during the work week, meaning that adults that have to work and take care of their household (the majority of the players, I assume) do not have unlimited time to devote to the game. Mobile games are meant to be enjoyed during those moments in the day where you have a few minutes available, not force players to set apart hours of their day to not miss out on daily resources.

    If you cannot make the suggested changes to the daily event, at least provide us with a reasonable rationale why it cannot be done. All who have posted here care enough about this game to come here and address this legitimately concerning topic, so I think they at least deserve some sort of answer.
  • madwren
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    I'll add my voice to the chorus.

    Devs, we know there are a lot of things behind the scenes that you have to consider-- for example, "time spent in app", and paths towards monetization.  However, you also need to respect the time investment required by players.  If the reward isn’t worth it, people stop playing. This is true whether it’s newcomers or veterans. You’ve made many positive changes to the game, but this is a clear step backwards.  

    Metrics are fine, but you need to remember that games should be fun. You’d be much better served regularly creating a variety of new content with lower time requirements, instead of creating a single new grindy event with a ridiculous time requirement.   

    A 10/5/5 structure would be a huge quality of life improvement.  Please listen to the community.