The new Ms. Marvel TV show

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Marvel Puzzle Quest R256 Release Notes (7/5/22).


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    I read that KK TV show had the lowest viewership (>800k) after What If... Marvel probably ask the dev to do something to promote KK more, and that's why we have a special KK pvp event. The month of July is largely filled with characters who held Mjolnir, so she is definitely out of place.

    After updating to 256, I feel that it's weird to still see Demiurge Logo on the loading screen and Demiurge is still the dev under credit. Is BCS not going to change the logo?
    I read that too, probably because of ethnic prejudices or because it seems teen oriented., still is a critically acclaimed show and KK will have a relevant role on future MCU. 
    I will see it when all episodes available. 
    I've seen what if? and it's great. 
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    I have been holding off watching the early episodes until all are released. Felt most of the Disney+ shows are better suited to binge rather than the 1 per week format
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    Time is gold, if all the episodes aren't available I'll watch another show waiting on my endless list.
    I'd say Disney is wrong following that policy and I'd never watch a show releasing an episode per week like when I was a child. But if it works out for them...
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    The only two Marvel releases we had zero interest in , were What If and Ms Marvel.  Apparently a lot of viewership has the same opinion of these characters. 
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    Frankly I think Ms Marvel launching right on the top of Kenobi may have affected viewership. I don't know why they felt the need to have those shows come out on the same day. I mean I get it, there is enough time in a week to watch an episode of each, but for whatever reason I haven't finished Kenobi and haven't started Ms Marvel myself. I also think there was a lot of anti-hype prior to release about how they changed her powers and all that, so whatever in-built fanbase she had coming into the show was very likely turned off by it? I've heard nothing but praise from people who have actually watched it though.
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    Plus there's been the racists review bombing it because they view the portrayal of Pakistani culture as too woke. 
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    I'm sure. We live in wild times. It makes me sad that people still behave this way, but I guess in some ways it's better that they out themselves publicly now so we know who they are.
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    I like Ms Marvel, just finish watching episode 4, just watch it yourself and dont listen to bad comments.. 
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    I will say something politically incorrect. Luckily I'm Bad enough. 
    Disney seems on all their films to have a fixed fee on multiculturalism, ethnics, and LGTB culture and puts a lot of pressure into the fans who need to accept whatever disney invents.
    I'll watch KK show and if it's good I'll enjoy it but the fans are right: that character wasn't pakistani or even human for to start, she was inhuman.
    Another example: america chavez is always depicted as a gorgeus latin woman. 
    I don't like at all that mexican teen not exactly gorgeus in DR Strange. 
    But Disney says take it or leave it. End of the question. 
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    nah, KK was always Pakistani, it was the inhuman heritage that got changed.
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    Plus there's been the racists review bombing it because they view the portrayal of Pakistani culture as too woke. 
    I think the handful of people who fall into that category are far, far outweighed by people with the legitimate criticism that the show has just been kind of boring so far.  Unfortunately those people are so often lumped in with the handful or trolls and nobody ever points out the positive review bombing of shows.
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    Or the dismal numbers could be due to over saturation.  IMO, not every character needs or deserves a show.
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    Kamala is my favorite female hero and one of my favorite Marvel heroes period (along with DD, Bullseye, Magneto and Dr. Doom… yes I like villains). 

    Her story is one of finding your identity and I personally love it. My dad was born in Iran (me in the States), so like Kamala, I’m a first-gen immigrant navigating two very different cultures. I also grew up a comic nerd. So her story is more reflective of mine than any other comic book character. It’s a story I believe a lot of kids can relate to and one that I’m glad is being told and brought to a different media outlet.

    Also the actress playing her just nails it and is super charming.

    Aside from Wandavision (which I truly believe won’t be topped and is just pure art), this is my favorite of the Marvel Studios shows.