New campaigns/stories, please.

Any chance we can get, at least, two new campaigns/stories per year?  I appreciate the work you all do and I’m sure it’s a lot work to make new stories and characters, but the new characters come out so frequently that it’s getting a bit annoying and MOQ is becoming a bit boring with the same old campaigns.

I understand that you need to make money, but as someone who does pay, I’m starting to feel that I should stop. Especially bow that inflation is skyrocketing like crazy and gas and food prices are soaring.

This is NOT a threat, but if entertainment needs to be sacrificed, MPQ will go before streaming service or anything else.

let me stress that I do appreciate the work you all put into this for us and for yourselves as well given that this is a career, but life has gotten much harder and it’s getting harder to keep up with collecting and buying.

Thank you for taking the time to read this as well as understanding our needs right now.  Hopefully, someone will listen to this and take it to heart because I really do Love this game.  No other game do I support and when the lockdowns first occurred, you showed me and the rest of the players your support by giving us free covers or shards here and there, which made me Grateful that you cared enough about your customers to do that.

Thank you.


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    Also, I haven’t seen customer surveys as much anymore, which I thought was great because I like giving feedback when asked often.

    ...and, please, no more characters like Big Wheel or Alligator Loki.  Marvel has so many other great characters not used like the Leader or Mandarin (comic version only). The comic versions are what I appreciate the most.
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