Additional 3* characters

Hi devs and agents. I wanted to throw out an idea that has come up between a friend and I on several occasions. Every time a new  4* or 5* character is added, my friend mentions that it is frustrating that there is another character it will take forever to get recruited for him. He is only a free-player, as he can’t dump money into the game. We both feel like it would be nice to see some new 3* characters dropped in and not just see another powerhouse added. It’d be cool to have a new 2*, or even a 1* occasionally. 

For some perspective, I’ve racked up 2,608 days of play. I talked my friend into signing up about 2 years ago. I’ve been rather fortunate to be able to collect almost all the characters out. My friend, on the other hand, tends to stress out a bit when he picks up a new rare cover. He doesn’t always have the resources to recruit it. 
We both feel like it would be a boon to the newer players to have new, more accessible covers. For veteran players, it would be fun to give us some new options to put in lower power squads. 
Devs, thank you for making such a fantastic and addictive fun game. 
Time to get off my soapbox. Excelsior! 


  • The_Boi_of_SteelThe_Boi_of_Steel Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    I have to agree.  4 and 5 star characters are coming out of the woodwork like crazy.  How about you guys work more on getting us new campaigns/stories rather than new characters ALL THE TIME. 

    For someone who does pay, it’s starting to get a bit boring playing the same games.
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