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    Wanda is not magnetos daughter anymore. She wasn't originally his daughter,  then the back story for Wanda and pietro was retconned to make them magnetos children.  A few years ago it was unretconned, so they are not magnetos children any more and they are not mutants.
    My Marvel Encyclopedia has her listed as his daughter . I realize you’re saying they changed the story line , although I have no idea how a DNA test was not performed or was in error. Also , Witch has been a MPQ character for several years , my guess is about 5 years as a 3* . When was it rewritten? Also , half the cinematic universe has Pietro as his son and her brother , and alive . The other half he’s dead . I know the movie lines are independent but this really annoys me. ( He might be dead I stopped watching X Movies ).

    I don't remember the exact details but it happened a few years ago in the comics. They were fighting each other and she cast a spell against family which had no effect on him (something like that).
    He still has a daughter though. A separate storyline revealed that he was the father of Polaris.
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    It was during the Axis story event. A bunch of good guys get "inverted" so that they are now evil - Wanda is one. Magneto and Quicksilver go to stop her and she casts a spell to harm only her bloodline - Quicksilver is affected but Magneto is not. It was also further established that both Wanda & Quicksilver were created by the High Evolutionary with "fake X genes," which means their status as mutants is in question, they have the genetic DNA but they were created with it rather than inheriting biologically.
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    Wasn't this done because of the cold war between Marvel and Fox over the rights to the X-Men? 

    I know Marvel was pushing the Inhumans as mutant replacements for awhile, then completely gave up on those characters once they got the X-Men back.
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    Polares said:
    Akoni said:
    Cataliban said:
    I will be very disappointed having a 1940's armor suit rated better than anyone on the Mark series. Hydra Stomper is very similar to the Original Iron Man Armor Suit in concept and appearance... And figting capabilities.

    The statement "The OTHER Stark tech marvel" suits better in an embodyment for J.A.R.V.I.S. and "Character A" must be ANY Iron Man. JARVIS, also, has no Team Afiliation, only Iron Man 
    On one hand I agree. I would much prefer a Superior Iron Man instead of Hydra Stomper. On the other hand, I understand that MPQ needs to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to Marvel in pop culture. I'm sure its part of the license agreement. Also, we're all aware that there are certain storylines and character depictions that Marvel prefers to leave in the past so there are some things we will never see in-game.
    You need to remember that Peggy Captain America was MPQ creation, and that Marvel liked so much that after that they started using her in more comics! This What If in a way is the result of MPQ !!! So I get why they want to add Hydra Stomper and in a way, also to commemorate themselves :P

    PS: Also, the Hydra Stomper suit is much much better/stronger than the original IM armor suit. For starters, it is powered by an infinity stone!!! (It might not make sense techwise / lorewise, but that is how it was in the What If episode).
    I am well aware of the situation with Peggy Carter. Thank you for pointing out that Hydra Stomper might be used to kind of commemorate the whole Peggy thing. Very few likely thought of it that way. 

    As for the armor, I think it's less about the power the suit possessed and more about the concept for most. Image-wise, it's seen as this old, outdated suit even though it's a fairly new concept set in another time period. In the end, if it turns out to influence the meta, no one will care. I still prefer Superior Iron Man, though.
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    "Superior Iron Man, though."

    Why not Superior Stomper?
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    It seems like there is some delay to the reveal.
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    That explains it clearly.  :D
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    It seems like there is some delay to the reveal.
    Yeah. But why though?

    Isn't it just as easy as editing a post. Or copy pasting the spoiled version with accurate numbers etc. It doesn't seem like a time intensive task to do. Considering the framework is already there.
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    It is indeed Hydra Stomper and Peggy is the other ally who can't be stunned.
    That Blue power is impressive at 5 covers destroying 2 enemy AP and generating 6 (8 if villain) AP on a 2 turn CD. Unfortunately for vet players it means he needs a good support in order to tank anything to get this power to proc.
    Guessing he might be a rare character who might see use in the 4/5/4 format instead of a 3/5/5 one depending on his team mates.
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    Definitely a 3/5/5 for me. He looks like a niche fun time character.
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    Well. Finally the Vintage Iron Man suit..

    I think that it was a good opportunity to fill the IM absence in the 2* tier... If the developpers wanted to add this character.

    Waiting for the Zombies, it can be funny.
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    Numbers are pretty good. A newcomer player could use this character for a solid support, given all the AP he can generate and his relatively expected medium protects tiles.
    His board shaking green is fun and his cds can be harmful and having sinergy with anothers characters. 
    The captains duo can be pretty powerful as they have almost rainbow powers, and are inmune to polaris and mantis, and an enemy peggy.
    Now peggy weak power is blue. If peggy is not maxed, and stomper is enough leveled he could tank peggy on blue.In yellow could happen in the same way.
    I think this character is not for me but I can appreciate the fun he can bring.
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    Since it's an alternate universe, can you use him with Captain America?
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    Not surprised its the Hydra Stomper. Gotta get someone from What If?  in. Can we focus on Comic characters for a while and take a break from MCU/D+ till November when Eternals/Hawkeye comes out? I can understand the frustration of Comic Fans.

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    3/5/5 for me. This guy can be really fun if he tanks. It's countdown mania for Agent Coulson and C4rol. Such blue power suits 5*. Unfortunately, he will nerfed pretty soon if he's a 5*. Gaining 6 or 8 aps every other turn of your choice (sort of) is crazy and such ability is quite foolproof for AI.
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    My guest thought... This character was solely made to be paired with Peggy on 5* Essential node in the Simulator PvE. 

    It's been years since I played but I always stunned Peggy to avoid her passive, but you can't with this high HP Iron Cap. I look forward to seeing all the posts asking how they beat this pair.
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    My guest thought... This character was solely made to be paired with Peggy on 5* Essential node in the Simulator PvE. 

    It's been years since I played but I always stunned Peggy to avoid her passive, but you can't with this high HP Iron Cap. I look forward to seeing all the posts asking how they beat this pair.

    My knee-jerk response was "Mantis. He makes loads of protect and countdown tiles". I then remembered immune to stun and had to think more.  

    Morbius is likely a big counter. Maybe Rogue too.  

    Outside of the protect tiles, they don't have any damage reduction powers. So the usual Karnak / Juggs / R4g will likely do lots of match damage before they can even fire off a single peggy blue or peggy red.

    Once I play with him to see how he feels when covered, I can update my spreadsheet and recommend some 4star allies that aren't Peggy.

    Off the top of my head, C4rol, KatePryde, Ironf4st, Mordok, IMHB, Polaris, Coulson and Shuri could be the best 4star team mates.  

    In 5star land, he could potentially be amazing with BrB and with Polaris. Or with Apoc and BrB. It's just a shame he isn't likely to be tanking yellow blue green colours with them, so his blue passive won't be useful if paired with higher match damage allies in those 3 colours.