New alliance pvp event



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    We actually had this!

    I think it was the first run of Enemy of the State, one of the wave nodes was bugged so that it was'd clear the last wave and then they'd just show up again.  People were able to go infinite using the tech we had available in 2014, so I imagine now it'd be even easier.  With true healers and/or tile buffers you could go truly infinite very easily.

    One thing to keep in mind: if they ever did give us this on purpose, the rewards would have to be easily achievable by anyone.  If they added even a terrible top progression reward of, say, 250 iso for doing 300 waves, people would lose their minds claiming that they were being "forced" to play the fight for hours.
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    It seems people was having a lot of fun on a useless workout...
    Now thinking it big: a pve alliance black hole of 15 waves, selecting 3 characters plus one from an alliance partner, refreshing a only wave each 8 hours, and rewards of player and alliance on progression, changing TU for switching character. 
    Enemies scalating from goons to dangerous meta characters. 
    I think I would be in that boat.
    Edit: the character on the bench gets some health burst.
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