Shards Recycling

iamxzoiamxzo Posts: 63 Match Maker
Hi All

I got that idea about shards recycling, given the fact that you can pick your favorite characters that you want your shards to go to, and the fact that you can direct your quest rewards towards specific character, why don't we make one more step into that very great direction and allow us to reuse shards that are siting there on some character forever and not being needed at all

- add shards bank (a place to distribute shards but only to non-championed characters )
- allow us to unallocate shards from non-championed characters and put them to shards bank
- allow us to allocate shards from shards bank into non-championed characters

that way players will have additional way of completing some characters instead of staring at many characters with 100-200 shards, there could be also a tax on putting shards into the bank, for example I want to remove 200 shards from my 5* rescue and put it to the bank, there could be like 10% tax that would make it only 180 shards reusable (just dont make it 90% tax :D )


  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,383 Chairperson of the Boards
    Great idea. Would have definitely loved this when the milestones was released. I didn't read the announcements and blindly claimed all the rewards without realising I had doc ock set a favourite (only needed a couple of covers). Ended up with too many shards and wasted a chunk on 4 champion levels
  • BreadsticksBreadsticks Posts: 84 Match Maker
    My idea was a bit more simple. Just allow us to move the shards to whatever character we want within the same star level regardless whether or not it's champed. If they must tax it then it should be a flat rate like 5 or 10 shards regardless of level. You don't want it too high since 5* shards are much more difficult to come by. 
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