CotT: Yondu vs. Gamora

qandols Posts: 1,154 Chairperson of the Boards
Level 334 Yondu makes three blue matches and whistles his arrow towards Gamora. The end. LT was a Silk cover.


  • PuceMoose
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    My Yondu is about level 280 or so, and it was a similar story. The fight took a little longer than I expected, as I was stuck needing one measly blue AP for at least a dozen turns. I was able to cast black to keep Gamora from getting a little too big in her britches with red, and then finally a match-4 netted me the last blue I needed. One shot, one kill!
  • DAZ0273
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    First go with champed Yondu, all the blue was Gamora's and Yondu was stunned and finished off as Gamora had time to get specials on the board. Next round - the board decided that there would basically be no blue whatsoever so we had a fight over black which Yondu won and he turned the tables. I never did once fire blue though.
  • fractalvisions
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    My Yondu is only 0/1/1 so I almost didn't bother. However, in last month's puzzle gauntlet I managed to get a 4* Taskmaster's Sword, which I now have at almost max level. With that and a bunch of boosts, this turned out to be easy.