FIXED: Crashes on Battle Entry (Android)



  • bobbyfm
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    Why don't we have the option to uninstall the update and restore the previous version of the game? It's very annoying  - one moment you are playing, then an update message pops-up and after you click on it you can't play anymore. I was in top 20 in Knull PVP event before the update and now I finished outside top 100...
  • TracyO
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    Sony experia, android. 
    Cant play any game, keeps crashing
  • carol63
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    Dashiva said:
    Still no fix guys? Will there be compensation? I am not going to lose the SHIELD supply streak because of this right??
    I'd be surprised if they aren't working like mad to find a fix for it - there seem to be a lot of people affected and it must be losing them a fair bit of money, I should think.
  • derl1
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    hi guys , 3 days in a row with the same problem
    tablet lenovo tb-8304f1
    android 7.0
    saludos a todos.
  • Jintone
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    Device: ASUS ZenPad 8.0(Z380M)
    OS: Android 7.0

    Same issue.
  • TracyO
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    Anyone had an answer as to when this might be fixed? 
  • derl1
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    edited May 2021
    hi guys , 5 days and still not working
    tablet lenovo tb-8304f1
    android 7.0
    saludos a todos.
  • mattonline
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    I second whoever said "why can't we just roll back the update?"

    Also, we are missing out on all the DPD stuff, in addition to all the story and versus rewards. It's also affecting people's alliance scoring as well.

    Any updates would be appreciated, even if it was just "F if we know? We're still looking."
  • DrakeAngel
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    5 days and counting, already lost a lot of things cause of this
  • Rnix218
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    edited May 2021
    I have been experiencing this bug for a little under a week now. Unable to play any events or whoop up on current legendary token fight on deadpool daily. No daily reward claims. Been playing since 2015. Samsung s6 active. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Krypt918
  • EienRyuu
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    I've tried it on my mother's phone and it works there perfectly.

    It is:
    Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) (Model: SM-J510FN)
    Android 7.1.1

    So it is something really specific that is breaking down.... :-\
  • EienRyuu
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    Rhipf said:
    Just from a quick look at the thread I would say that the problem is unique to older versions of Android.
    Maybe something has changed in the new versions of Android that mitigate the problem on those platforms.
    I don't know my friend but I've clean installed it on my mother's phone (no updates) and it is working absolutely fine.

    And it is a Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016), model SM-J510FN on Android 7.1.1 which isn't that far off from my Android 7.0.

    So it should be something very specific in that update that makes the crash. But I am not a dev so dunno what that will be... :-\
  • ohwell
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    I'm getting pretty annoyed with it. Spend literal years grinding a game. They release an untested update affecting a large portion of players, just give the option to role back, sorry for the inconvenience. We way past that now. I've not been able to grind as the game has been designed to do. The entire Knull event, all the iso and HP you would earn, the rewards for finishing place, the daily deadpool rewards (cp gained from that), the covers for completing your 6 daily missions, plus probably more. From history, we'll probably get X200 tokens for a character no one uses and an apology. Completly ridiculous. (Rant over)
  • Zerbads
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    Samsung S6
    Android 7.0
    Fails on any match up...
    I have to agree w/ "Ohwell". I've played this game daily almost since it's initial release.  What happened on this update?  why is there no option to roll back?   I'm a sad user, this the only game I play regularly on my device.
  • murthado
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    Still no fix on this issues??
    What happened with the dev?

    Device : sharp fs8001
    Android 6.0

    We've lost progress bout few days, i wonder the compensation for this issues
  • AdamMagus
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    I guess I'll just copy/paste my post from the bug report forums
    I am having the same crashing issue with the R227 update.

    System: ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

    OS: Android 7.0

    MPQ Version: R227

    Issue: The game crashes as soon as the tile board finishes loading.

    I've tried all of the following:
    • The event played does not seem to matter, it crashes on Deadpool's Daily (Behemoth Burrito node),  Knull Hypothesis PVP, and on Puzzle Gauntlet, so safe to say it crashes on every node/event.
    • Turning off Tile Physics and Character Effects did not help
    • Turning off sounds effects and volume did not help
    • Force closing the game and clearing the game's Cache and Data did not help
    • Uninstalling the game and reinstalling did not help
    The game works fine on my phone (Pixel 3 with Android 11), crashes on my Android 7.0 tablet

  • bobbyfm
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    It's ridiculous not to be able to uninstall the update and restore the previous version of the game. Why on earth would any developer do this to their users? It's been almost a week now and still we do not know when we could start playing again. To be honest I'm not sure if I'll feel motivated to play again....
  • VisionQuest
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Android 7

    Day 6.  Unreal.  How will this be made up to us?.  We've missed out on so much since this happened.  What bothers me most is that for being a "known issue" there was no notice on the update from the admin telling users with older Androids to hold off on the update.  There still isn't.  Just let everyone do ahead and install this pos update and miss out on what is starting to look like at least a week of gameplay.  SAD.
  • bluejay
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    Same problem after update. Game told me there was an update which i did not do right away. Game was fine. Then decided to update. That was a mistake. That was the day Starlord was the deadpool 3* cover. I have an Asus Zenpad 3S 10 tablet .. Android 7. Kicks me out of MPQ right after a battle loads up. Useless, and i am in the middle of getting 30 day bonus from a purchase.
  • bluejay
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    It is not Android 7 only. I have another account on older phone, Moto G4, with android 7 which works fine after update.