Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, Nightmare Harvest fetch game freeze with transform cards. Hallow's Eve [Inv]

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This bug has already been described by players on the official MTG PQ forums in this topics:

And this is my situation.

Seems like  the bug is caused by Ashiok, Nightmare Muse's ability to fetch cards that can "transform" after some condition. It's not the first time it has happened.
For me game froze (went into a soft lock state) while playing Ashiok, Nightmare Muse against Liliana, Waker of the Dead.
Fetching a card named Mox Tantalite with Ashiok's ability Nightmare Harvest caused game's soft lock. Game was responsive, everything worked except you couldn't swap gems on the boards and I had to quit manually.

Looks like you can replicate a problem like this:
- fetch a transform card with Ashiok, Nightmare Muse's ability Nightmare Harvest (freeze confirmed for 2 cards "Thaumatic Compass" and "Mox Tantalite")
- look at the card in the fetch menu
- look at the flip side of the card
- try to return to the fetch screen and actually fetch this card
- at this point fetching menu disappears (or you try to fetch the card by tapping select), you return to the gem board and you can't swipe gems on the board, look at cards details in your hand, exile cards.
- you quit manually and lose event points.
The similar problem has already been reported for the same Ashiok's interaction here:

P.S. Maybe that's just me but here are my thoughts about the decision to punish people who lose their time reporting bugs (while losing event scores to those bugs) by bumping them 1 single bracket when those people write bug reports to the game support.
This time in the "Hallow's Eve" event I was bumped into 51-100 bracket when I could have a perfect score (1-5 bracket) if not for the bug that I'm reporting here right now. Not that I want to report it, it's my personal time I'm spending here to make my hobby better. But it feels like i don't get much in return. I'm actually punished by the game for doing something good for it.
And it's not like we really want to lose in already pretty rough bracket system where you must achieve perfection to get somewhat descent rewards. Not mentioning that many of us are paying customers.
The way it stands right now you're actively disincentivizing people from doing what I'm doing now (reporting game problems) by issuing formal apology and giving back something like 5 crystals (like it happened the last time for this event).

Obviously it's not worth the effort and time. In the end will make game worse if people who like this game, write long bug reports , after a while, will stop reporting issues voluntarily. And I like this game and want it to continue being good.
Yep, I still reported the problem to the customer support.
Thank you.


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    Thank you for the information provided.
    This issue is now under investigation!