ZE is Another 22hr Event??? WHY is it not 24hr?

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So ZE is another dang 22-hour event with no rotating start time. This really sucks. For me the event stars at 10 PM and ends at 8 PM... Unfortunately the 8-10 window where I’m blacked out is just after the kids go to bed and before I fall asleep, which is when I enjoy playing most.

PLEASE adjust this to be 24hr. Whether or not you get to play at certain times should not be dependent on your time zone.


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    Relax Sorin, he's not talking about a coalition event. But the point is valid, especially since the event is scheduled as a M-W-F "daily" event and there is an inordinately high number of games/points required for full progression. If it was extended to, say, 36 hours there'd be plenty of time to reset the servers in between and get the next iteration ready to run, no problem. IIRC, that was the reason given when we asked why there was a 22 hour run time standard for daily events - that they needed a 2 hour downtime buffer to set up the servers and not overload things. Since there's at least a day's worth of time in between event occurrences it seems like there's no reason to not extend the event run time by at least a FEW hours.
    Is there, @Oktagon ?
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    Oops. My mistake. RoA and ZE are still pretty new and I got my wires crossed. 

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    I tried it again and the timing just really sucks. I started at 10 but could only do the initial charge... didn’t get more til midnight after I was asleep. Got the kids down about 7:55 and had 5 minutes to play 4 nodes with full charges. @Oktagon_Support Please consider changing this setup!!!
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    critman said:
    Frankly, since it's only run every other day anyway.... why isn't it running for 48 hours?

    Because then people would have time to complete their 10 games, and they don't want that. 
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    ZE is clearly intended to replace RT, what seems to be lost to time is RT used to be a daily event like TG. RT was originally designed to be done in a 24hr period (It replaced Across Ixalan, which also used to be a daily event). Then they decided to "rotate" it like every other event without giving us a replacement:
    They gave us a poll to decide how that "rotation" would be handled:
    but we never really got a "daily" event as a replacement. Now we have ZE which has the worse aspects of a daily event (22 hour long, fast recharge but low max charges per node) without the benefits of a daily event (low number of required matches like RT, Original Across Ixalan and TG, easy objectives and/or varied objectives for quick matches).

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    Welp, I haven't played ZE since the daylight savings time switch - the two hours it's not running now coincides perfectly with the two hours I'm most likely to have time to play.

    I endured the last austerity regime but I can tell I'm in the fade-out cycle now - the more I don't play, the more I don't think about the game; the more I don't think about the game, the more I don't miss it; the more I don't miss it, the more I don't play. Logging in to the game and having nothing to do but Training Grounds is gonna make it basically impossible to break out of that cycle.