Can Rising Tensions be a 24-hour event instead of 22-hour? Or maybe have a rotating start time?

jobob Posts: 680 Critical Contributor
I like RT a lot, but the problem is that it starts (for me) at 11 PM, and ends at 9 PM.  That really sucks for parents... the 9 - 11 PM window is really the only solid block of time I get to play.


  • Bubbles_CS
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    I’m in the same boat, except Rising Tensions ends at 10pm for me, which is alright. It’s Training Grounds I usually miss during this time slot. Closing this gap by running the event for closer to 24 hours would be ideal.
  • jtwood
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    Just chiming in to say I would like to see this idea of rotating start times with all midweek events. It appears each event was set up to be friendly to a particular time zone. And that's nice, but it does stagnate a bit after a while. Rotating start times so that they move in and out of favor in different time zones might be a nice twist.
  • Avahad
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    Or change them all to be like Terrors in the Shadows I think it is- the one  with the 3 startIng charges and 3 more on a recharge after 23.5 hours or whatever it is. 
    Seems to work pretty well.

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