A power I'd like to see

WyntreWyntre Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
So we have characters that hurt themselves (Maria Hill, Ares, Dakens, Hulkbuster, Kate Bishop) and characters that hurt everyone else on their team (Hulks, Sentry, Thanoses, Ragnarok).

It's time for someone who can save these idiots from themselves.  (We have a lot of Steve Rogers running around MPQ, or I'd suggest having it be him and calling it "Taking All the Stupid" to reference the "You're taking all the stupid with you" quote).

Basically, it's someone pulling the rest of the team back from friendly fire/suicide.  It would have to be carefully tested so as not to accidentally create a broken team, but done carefully and with a high cost or requirement, it could be an interesting addition.

It shouldn't become a *common* powerset--more like Quake, who I think is the only person who protects the team from enemy team damage.  I do think it would be a five star power, but I'm not sure who I would give it to.  If there's ever a five-star Nick Fury, maybe he'd be a candidate?

As a side note, I'd also like to see someone with mind control forcing the opposing team to fire powers against itself--again, with a high cost, but how wicked would that be?


  • Bigbrothad7Bigbrothad7 Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    ...also include level 4 Eddie Brock on characters who hurt the team. And a good character candidate for mind powers to hurt the opponent team should be level 5 Xavier or Phonix which I think are at this point 2 of the weakest level fives.
  • WyntreWyntre Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    I like Phoenix for it.  She does need an overhaul.  Xavier's pretty good as a five star, I think--he's versatile.  Low health but damage reduction.
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