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    There are other options like stealing, or replacing enemy SAP tiles using characters like Rescue, Hela, Daredevil, Gambit and Starlord. Only Kitty can replace CD tiles in 5* land. 

    I don't think Blackbolt will trigger BRB's ap gains for whole board destruction.
    Thank you, I had omitted a line about them.
    Especially DD. He is still very playable and I'd argue he is still quite relevant.  Not hard to beat... but neither is Thor for example.
    New character will be giving DD lots of Protects to convert to strikes, and the stun may simply be used against one of the other 2 enemies if one is ** affiliation **.
    Even a huge tank like this will have trouble downing DD unless these powers are bigger than we expect.
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    In what seems to be the easiest to guess character sneak peek ever, this next new character has indeed been revealed as En Sabah Nur himself, Apocalypse!

    Also, to those asking in previous posts, the Shared Strength effects don't stack, they just ensure that if at least one is out there that the effect persists. So no one-shot cast for a 30 AP Okoye ability increase.
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    Buffing old star match damage could make your PvP and PvE harder. But that's another topic.

    Also, Blackbolt indeed triggers effects of BRB's cd. Eew.

    This Apocalypse reminds me of Endgame Thanos where he was living the life of a farmer.

    His black power is disturbing: over 46k damage for 7ap. With his yellow repeater out, he will be dealing 78k damage. 

    I think Apocalypse is the best character for players looking to transition with one champed 5-star. He's going to tank for most of your unboosted 4* whose level are not more than 314. 

    And 5* shards in Alliance events.  :)

    Which event is his PvP? Perfect Storm or Judgement day?

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    Yeahhhh character is insane.

    but it shakes up the meta alot.

    Also is quite the power creep, not mad at him. It is apoc after all.
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    Does yellow add extra damage to each hit of red and black?

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    If you use Survival of the Fittest and the lowest health character gets downed after 1 hit (or whatever), do the remaining hits carry to the next lowest or is that it?



    Thick as Thieves
    • May 7th, 2020, 07:00 – May 12th, 2020, 02:00 ET
    • Rewards tokens to the Inevitable Apocalypse Cover Store
    • Apocalypse (Classic) Shards in Placement rewards
    Apocalypse vs. X-Men
    • May 14, 2020, 12:00 – May 17, 2020, 23:59 ET
    • Apocalypse (Classic) Shards in Progression rewards

    I am unsure what is happening in the PVE between these events as far as shards.  Will there be Apocalypse shards?  Or one of the Latests?  Hoping we can get a Sneak Peek update soon with some more information.
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    Apocalypse.  No boss events for so long and you have to bring it back with the worst one.  So done with this game
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    So I need to know something. Will Apocalypse's yellow stack on each hit from Sentry's green CD's?
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    When I was asking about stacking with Okoye, I was curious if each tic of damage gets that Shared Strength bonus as a separate tic of damage. So imagine you've fired off Icemen and have 3 repeaters. When one of them goes off, does it do it's own damage then a second tic of bonus, which should benefit 2x times from WF! or strike tiles, or does it get lumped together into a single tic of damage that then gets the bonus just the once? In effect, does that behave as six different damage pools when all 3 count down, or just 3?
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    y4747 said:
    if i'm reading his black right, at 450 and 5 covers, if you fire it with brb when there are 4 protects on board, for 7 black ap you do 46k damage and generate 4 blue and 4 green ap.
    that seems... much.

    That's insane.
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    Personally i have a hard time getting excited for a new character as i know i will not be able to cover them before they are removed and placed in purgatory. 

    He looks good, the large health pool is nice, powers look decent. I just have have a feeling the new meta he is going to bring to the table is going to slow the game down even more than the current meta we are in. 

    One thing is now very apparent, some of the older 5 star are now going to be even more obsolete due to power creep.

    I hope after this we dont have a new release for a bit and some of the older characters are given reworks and a little bit of love.

    More feeders would be nice too.
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    So with those numbers, entering the meta seems quite plausible. 

    Is he really doing 46k damage for 7ap if you can put out 4 protect tiles.  Does that go up to ~80k if his repeaters are out (i.e. does he get the damage boost added to the damage for each destroyed protect tile?)?  Even at 54k for 7ap it's pretty wild, and seems like it should be very easy to abuse with teammate synergy.

    He has low cost powers, good damage output, some decent utility, massive health, massive match damage, and even some burst healing.  He should be useful in regular pve, but maybe not in cl10 challenge nodes unless his damage boost plays even better than I think it will.  I guess the only questions remaining are: (1) with the right teammate, is he fast/reliable enough against the current meta teams to enter the pvp offensive meta; and (2) is he easy enough for the ai to play that he has defensive pvp value?  The biggest 'risk' for him is that he is reliant on active powers.  There are exceptionally few active-based characters in the pvp meta, especially on defense; the ai is just too dumb.  I think maybe sentry bombing was the last time the pvp meta relied soley on active powers (boosting + sentry green, sentry yellow --> hood black = match over in 60 seconds or less).  so if apoc is meta it would be a finger in the eye to passive puzzle quest.

    What is a good name for BRB + apoc?  That seems like the most likely new combo if the meta changes.  They have actives on 5/6 colors, and brb's blue will supercharge apoc's black, which will generate more blue and green for BRB in turn.  Only thing I'm not sure about is whether they will be fast enough to down brbitty easily.
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    Bishoc-alypse is going to be a big problem in pick-2 real quick. He has the mutant tag, and the protects spammed out by those repeaters are low enough he may still trigger against certain characters' match damage. 
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    With the power creep we now see and the meta as it is let's just shake the whole thing up, please bring back pre-nerf Gambit and really boost older 5* so they are more competitive.  
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    It sucks that we'll be seeing bishop team up with apocalypse someday soon.  Add in Cable to fortify Apocalypse's repeaters and everything I believed in, as a kid will have been thrown out the window. 
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    Are there any color restrictions as to which tiles the repeaters and/or protects are placed in for Shared Strength?
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    I am not much of a specialist when it comes to comics, but please tell me the name of the Special Limited Vault is a typo? @IceIX ?

    IceIX said:


    Special Limited Vault

    El Sabah Nur Vault - May 14 - 17


    Isn't that supposed to be 'EN Sabah Nur' and not 'EL' (capitalised for clarity)?