Your Sins of the Father pull results

PiMacleod Posts: 1,737 Chairperson of the Boards
Not everyone is hyped for this, but I enjoy spending the hoard on new 5* releases.
1650 CP spent.

Here's my results, in video format...

(for those wondering, I pulled 13 5*s out of 66 pulls)


  • Warbringa
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    edited February 2020
    Geeze, you took my luck.  I only pulled 8 5* out of 72 pulls.  Did get 5 Sinister covers though and finished covering Thanos, only 1 GG cover myself. Also got hardly any of the good 4* covers with those pulls, so doubly unimpressive results from my pull.

    Although I think I watched your whole video and it appears you didn't pull any Sinister covers?  That is hard to believe.  (I may have missed your pull of him but all I saw was Thanos and GG on your 5* pulls)
  • PiMacleod
    PiMacleod Posts: 1,737 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'd trade you all my Goblins gained for those SInisters.  sigh.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I'm still waiting for him to hit Latest. I have a 2/2/2 Goblin and a 5/2/2 thano5, so I guess I could use any covers here, but I only have 360cp in the bank so my odds don't seem great. I'd rather finish BRB and Carbage while i'm at it.
  • HoundofShadow
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    I'm elated by my result: 8 5* out of 30 pulls. o:)
  • MoonKnight
    MoonKnight Posts: 63 Match Maker
    Needed 4 covers of Thanos to champ. 60 pulls got me 4 Sinisters, 5 goblins, and 1 Thanos. Womp womp.
  • shardwick
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    I went in hoping to pull a cover for Namor and Talos since they're at 12 covers, wanted a Northstar and a Sinister. Started pulling and in my first eight pulls out of 27 I got a Goblin and Sinister. Decided to switch over to Latests to try and get more Prof X and BRB covers and pulled Namor, Talos, Northstar and four 5* Carnage covers which got him fully covered. The shards got me another Northstar to put him at nine covers. Really solid haul overall. Six 5* covers, all 4s except Northstar, Taskmaster and the Pig are fully covered now. Can't complain.

    @PiMacleod You don't need to spend your shards to change characters. Go to your current shard character and click on the shard icon that's to the right of their name and that will deselect them. Also, I think someone was trying to kill your daughter.
  • PiMacleod
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    Nah, my in-laws were watching her, and it was naptime.  Which means, time to act out.  :)  Meanwhile, I'm working in the basement ("WORKING") and supposed to not be distracted by outside sources. can see how well that works for me.  ;)

    And yeah... thanks for the Shards input.  I realized it after I was done, but during it, I was fumbling around like it was my first time.  So much fun!  
  • DAZ0273
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    Well to my utter amazement, 50 CP and Sinister is mine! First pull was Wiccan and I was bracing myself for some revenge from him for featuring guitar playing cats in his Crash thread and the mocking Sinister for his badly chosen name in his thread but no it turns out saying and doing stupid things on this forum has no effect on RNG at all! Or does it...
  • LFChikarason
    LFChikarason Posts: 397 Mover and Shaker
    Out of 20 pulls, I got one Mr. Sinister (purple) and two Thanoses. Will keep dumping all CP I get until the store closes. 
  • MrEd95
    MrEd95 Posts: 280 Mover and Shaker
    I made 8 pulls before I ran out of cp. All 4*s

    The champ rewards from them all, added to the 11 cp that remained, and a couple extra from beating up apocalypse got me enough for one more attempt for the time being, and jackpot, it earned me a purple sinister for his essentials
  • LavaManLee
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    Took me 13 pulls to get a Sinister.  Got a Thanos to add to my champ also.  No other 5*.  To be honest, very glad it only took 13 pulls.  Now I can go back to hoarding to see whether a champed Sinister is going to be worth it or not.  My money is on not.  But glad to be wrong.
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,826 Chairperson of the Boards
    Got Sinister on my 2nd pull. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to dump my remaining ~1K CP to go for more covers for my 2/3/1 Thanos and 3/2/2 Goblin, or wait for Latest to try to snag more covers for Bill. Probably waiting, but as a primarily PvE focused player, the possibility of having a functional Thanos is a big temptation.
  • Pongie
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    Pulled the first token from the vault. Got a green goblin, brings him up to 4/4/4. Saved me 10 sandman covers. Will wait for the other two token from boss event before I decide if I want to pull more. 
  • grumbLEGO
    grumbLEGO Posts: 122 Tile Toppler
    I only pull from these that cost 25cp until I get what I’m looking for or run out of CP. in this case 6 pulls got me a sinister and I was good so I spent the 60cp I had left over on the classic 20cp legends store. 
  • KGB
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    9 pulls to get a Blue Sinister. I also got a Goblin Yellow I can use and a champ level for Bishop and Juggs.

    Will get 2 more pulls from the Alliance Event.

  • Taganov
    Taganov Posts: 279 Mover and Shaker
    10 Pulls, 4 x 5*. Extremely fortunate, I think.
    2x Thano5
    1x Sinister
    1x Goblin
  • sambrookjm
    sambrookjm Posts: 2,131 Chairperson of the Boards
    I made 25 pulls, four 5-stars.  One Goblin (now 3/5/2), and three Mr Sinisters (0/2/1)

    I also got enough shards to get a cover to champ MODOK...

    Sadly, the token that got Shard #400 for MODOK was the 13th cover for him, so I just spent 400 shards on an LT.  Yay, me.
  • jredd
    jredd Posts: 1,387 Chairperson of the Boards
    pulled 14 just to take a cheap stab at a sinister. didn't pull 1 5*. shut it down to save for when he hit's LT's. at this point i should know better...
  • T_REZ5000
    T_REZ5000 Posts: 148 Tile Toppler
    11 pulls one 5* thanos.  Stopped before it got like the fan favorite one (kitty, Okoye, thor).  48 pulls on that one got me 4 5*s.
  • itsuka7
    itsuka7 Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    As to 5*, got 0 out of 30. I really wish these sort of streaks were not possible.