Can 5* Hulk use supports?

HeartbreaksoupHeartbreaksoup Posts: 220 Tile Toppler
edited 11 January 2020, 03:21 in MPQ Supports Discussion
I had a surprising experience in PVE today.  I was running 5* Carnage and 3* Strange along with 5* Banner/Hulk.  I'd equipped Banner with Wasp Gauntlets, kicking his blue damage up by 204 per tile.

But when Banner's Other Guy timer went off, he lost the power of the Wasp Gauntlets.  His blue damage dropped down to just 23 per tile.  It still shows Hulk as having Wasp Gauntlets attached, and the font for 23 is gold, indicating the number has changed.  Has anyone else seen Hulk as able to use supports?

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