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Cannot move past app start screen

Suddenly, the app is stuck on the "log back into you profile (facebook)" and the giant green "START" button. 

It is the screen when you 1st start the app without an account or you log out of facebook. 

My facebook account was permanently unlinked since I had log in issues. And I was recomended to NEVER relink to a facebook account since my issue will recurr. https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/80175/facebook-login-error-stuck-on-log-in-screen/p1

Pressing "START" results in a blinking of the witching well background art and then refreshes back to the same screen - eternally stuck

When starting the app, UID button in corner does not show my actual UID before taking me to the green start button screen. 

Google play ID loads in top left corner, but does nothing otherwise. 

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. 



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