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    I should have maybe been more careful in my words, sorry man.

    I wasn't saying YOU, blankcanvas, should quit.  More of the general sense that "you" as in the reader or player who is upset about the drawback in resources has both little recourse in this change and almost no ability to alter the devs' decisions.  So you adapt or you leave.

    The fact is that they are constantly trying (as a for-profit company) to increase revenues and profits while dealing with a maturing playerbase that is simultaneously not growing.  (I've been tracking PVE and PVP season bracket flips for 6 months now.)  So drawing down resources (especially HP) is sadly a predictable way to create subtle pressure on people to spend.  Do it in small amounts spread out over 100 champ rewards and maybe people don't  "notice" as much but nevertheless see their HP stash grow more slowly or get a little smaller, and think more about spending some money (even a little) to compensate.

    I think even vets are a bit upset about the reward drawdown but yes, they can much more easily deal with it.  IMO they should do some more to make the game more new-user friendly; maybe flatten the curve where roster slot costs increase to hit 1K (maybe at 100 slots?).  

    I mean they have done some good things in the game (run Gwen Prix a little more, come on!).  But shards seem to be a strong signal that their way to address dilution ( leading to frustration in character progress) is not to increase ingame resources, but instead to allow you to make steady progress in your selected characters.
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    I'm surprised more people have not mentioned the CP/HP discrepancy previously offered as champion rewards vs. what is now being offered. I know it sounds like crying over spilt milk, but we're exponentially worse off than before and while I'm pleased retroactive shards were awarded, I'm still unsure if this whole revolution of in game rewards is actually a good thing or not. 
    I was surprised as well when we got champions added to the game and they nerfed the entire 3* tier. The power of a 13 cover 170 level 3 star got completely annihilated. They gave us that power back in champ levels but had to collect at least 50 levels to get back to the power a 170 3* had before it went live. That was the largest nerf that has ever hit this game and we need to let our displeasure be known.

    Or we could accept a game of digital goods is always changing and if we no longer have fun with it we could find another time waster that we enjoy.
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    I SWORE this thread said "Radioactive Rewards" until I clicked on it and saw what it actual was.
    Need more sleep, I guess...
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