Retroactive Rewards Update

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As part of the roll out of Shards, Champion rewards for 2-Stars, 3-Stars, and 4-Stars were updated to include Shards. This amounted to updating over a hundred characters across these three tiers. This represents one of the largest changes to the game that we have made. As part of this release, players received Shards and covers depending on the progress their characters had made to that point.

We received feedback from the community that the recent rewards that were received did not hit the mark. We took this to heart and have spent the last couple of days figuring out what can be done and plan on how to execute it.

Well, we have good news! We are planning to initiate a second round of “retroactive rewards” for the daily patch on Monday-Tuesday (as long as it passes QA). These rewards will include any character that had their Champion Rewards updated to add a character or update an existing character. This also includes any secondary Shards that you would have received.

We thank everyone for their feedback and, ultimately, their patience as we fully implement the Shard system (Spoiler: We’re not done!). Please continue to let us know what parts you like and what parts you don’t like and we’ll continue to find ways to make the game better. We are excited to see the Shard system get fully into the game and are glad that you are all in on the ride with us. If nothing else, this all proves that we have a hugely passionate fan base for the game, and we love to keep making more great content and experiences for you to enjoy.

Here are the characters that players will receive Shards and covers for (depending on their Champion level at time of original change).

Note: To be clear, these are the "balance" of Shards that went unrewarded before, so 298, 300, 318, etc for 4-Stars.

4-Stars with updated 5-Stars:

  • Cyclops (Classic)

  • Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men)

  • The Hulk (Totally Awesome)

  • Iceman (All-New X-Men)

  • Invisible Woman (Classic)

  • Iron Man (Hulkbuster)

  • Magik (Classic)

  • Nightcrawler (Classic)

  • Professor X (Charles Xavier)

  • Rogue (Classic)

  • Thor (Goddess of Thunder)

3-Stars with Updated Primary and Secondary Characters:

  • Angel (All-New X-Men)

  • Colossus (Classic)

  • Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

  • Ragnarok (Dark Avengers)

3-Stars with Secondary Character Updates Only:

  • Beast (Classic)

  • Black Panther (T'Challa)

  • Black Widow (Grey Suit)

  • Captain America (Super Soldier)

  • Captain Marvel (Modern)

  • Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men)

  • Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool!)

  • Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)

  • Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

  • Gambit (Modern)

  • Hawkeye (Hawkguy)

  • Human Torch (Classic)

  • Iron Man (Model 40)

  • Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

  • Loki (Dark Reign)

  • Magneto (Classic)

  • Rocket & Groot (Most Wanted)

  • Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

  • Spider-Man (Classic)

  • Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)

  • Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

  • Thanos (Modern)

  • The Hulk (Indestructible)

  • Wolverine (Patch)



  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 714 Critical Contributor
    edited December 2019
    Well, it seems the battle has been won. We can now all retire to our homes. Please leave the pitchforks on the battlefield.
  • MoonKnightMoonKnight Posts: 63 Match Maker
    edited December 2019
    If this is implemented as promised I, along with most of the player base, will be happy. It shows at least some self-awareness to fix the mistake. I would suggest next time these sort of changes are rolled out, let your corporate overlords know that they could save a lot of grief and maybe save some goodwill if they listen to those of you folks patrolling the forums. This seemed like an easy thing to avoid. 
  • BasepuzzlerBasepuzzler Posts: 180 Tile Toppler
    Appreciate the swift response!
  • shadow2999shadow2999 Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    I certainly do not speak for everyone, but I will be interested in seeing what this actually means overall.  It may still be alot less than many of us were thinking it would be when this all was initially announced (inlcuding the fact that mighty tokens were completely left off the list of retroactive rewards but certainly part of the overall change), but I think that should be of some help in cooling tempers.  And while I certainly understand the need to the D3 team to think about solutions, some of that heat can be relieved with some bit of check-in on the forum from the dev team, if only to ensure the community they aren't be ignore/forgotten/swept under the rug or just trying to ride out the storm. It goes a long way.  With respect.
  • froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    Thank you for the response, which seems like it will be well-received. Here's hoping.

  • pheregaspheregas Posts: 1,555 Chairperson of the Boards
    Just so that all is clear, we are getting all shards for 5* characters (as long as our characters are high enough)? 

    So a max champ Hulkbuster would get 2000 shards?
  • jkzljkzl Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    Thanks for listening.  Thanks for working to fix this.  Folks are still gonna complain, but I appreciate you moving this quickly.
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 3,256 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited December 2019
    Thanks for bringing the fire down in here. 

    In case anyone misses out this key sentence:

    Here are the characters that players will receive Shards and covers for (depending on their Champion level at time of original change).

    If anyone is thinking of something else, just don't.

  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 714 Critical Contributor
    I'm curious to see what happens with my El3ktra. Today I added a level to her, getting her to 265. That used to be a 4* cover. I got 200 shards instead. Now my El4ktra has 200/400 shards. That's not helpful.
  • Punter1Punter1 Posts: 430 Mover and Shaker
    Appreciate the reasonably prompt response.   

    There was a lot of constructive feedback posted over the last few days (in between the odd snide remark).   I hope that it's not ignored and taken on board into the future also.
  • AnonAnon Posts: 1,137 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thank you IceIX
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 2,883 Chairperson of the Boards
    Could we get some insight into the original rollout?

    I asked a question about how characters feeding 5* would be handled going forward. It seemed like we would be penalized if we leveled anyone past L300 if that character was made a feeder retroactively. I am curious if that is something that just slipped by you? Would love some developer insight on this. 

    Also insight on 5* feeders going forward. Do they get them upon entering Classics? Do we wait until we have big backlog and do sharadageddon 2: electric bugaloo?

    By the way, if you were to use new characters as feeders going forward (to limit huge payouts on relatively new characters you still want us to chase), now that we’re “caught up”, I don’t think people would be too upset if they knew ahead of time that this is how we’re doing things now. 
  • LoosieLoosie Posts: 246 Tile Toppler
    Thank you! This is most of us were asking for.

    Thanks for taking the discussion to heart and giving us a proper resolution.
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