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Challenge of the Courts locked nodes do not start gaining charges at event start [Investigating]

Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,185 Chairperson of the Boards
Same issue as the old Across Ixalan, the locked nodes of Challenge of the Court do not gain charges until you unlock them AND play a game in them.

Really super punishing for anyone who starts late, please change it to match literally every other event.


//Edited Title -Brigby


  • SmokincookzSmokincookz Posts: 41 Just Dropped In

    Had perfection this morning in the CotC Ardenvale event. Finally got home (tired and ready to relax and play) to see one charge per node. Complete each node perfectly to find that I’m lagging behind with 135 points, along with many others, and one person on top with 170.

    You’d literally have to have a reminder set to play each node before the second recharge gets wasted. I can’t play and drive, so these events are all handicapped for me. Great, and I was actually looking forward to 30 pinks after the ant-sized rewards for TGT. Elderspark even worse. Meager rewards there, and swindled out of the somewhat better ones.

    Every single CotC event for me has been ruined by this tinykitty. 

    This is just absolutely INFURIATING for those of us who work hard both irl and in game. Grinds my gears, starting to feel like Runaway Steam Kin when I load up the app. All it takes is a bug or this tinykitty and POW. I quickly get red hot over it.

    Saying goodbye to my VIP for a while. Good riddance! I can’t feel good financially supporting this ridiculousness any longer. 

    If my vehicle was maintained like this game, it’d probably be unsafe to drive at all.
  • AvahadAvahad Posts: 176 Tile Toppler
    I see this has been set to ‘investigating’ 

    errrr shall I help?

    Yes ok- start a new account (or use one you have that isn’t in the event yet) play a battle and see what the next node looks like (if you don’t believe what the players are saying that is of course)

    then simply tell us if this is how it is meant to be or not. 

    Investigation over

    Sorry if it’s not that easy but from where I am that’s how it looks
  • SmokincookzSmokincookz Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    Even worse still, if you DO unlock all four, & still have charges unused, when the recharge comes you’ll stay at one charge instead of a stack going up to two+. Didn’t matter that I rushed the initial unlock. Have to play each recharge before they fail to stack!
     Who has the dedication to play each node immediately after each recharge? I can’t plan my work day and play off and on (like I do on weekends).
    If the recharge is 6 hours and you don’t play the node within that time, bye bye to 4 potential matches! 

    With the normal workday being 8+hrs, this is a HUGE tinykitty moment. 

    With a number of cards bugged or just not doing what they say... amazing the player base even remains at all.
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