Options to speed up mana bonus notifications.

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@LakeStone / @Brigby

Officially adding this to the Suggestions section. (especially since the general post went way off topic, eventually).

The +1 animation for any mana bonus over the PW head is very slow and prevents any action until it is complete.

Karn - Using his T1 ability and drawing an uncolored card. +1 to all mana bonuses

Playing any of the following cards:

Gilded Lotus: +1 to all mana bonuses
Tithe Taker: -1 to all mana bonuses
Rishadan Port: -1 to activated color.

There are other cards/scenarios, but these are most notable.

The animation could:
1. Have an "off/on" in the settings area.
2. Not prevent other actions from occuring.
3. Happen faster than current.
4. A mix of the above.
5. Be removed completely and instead add a quick message noting the mana bonus so the player can check the character window in-game.


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