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Options to speed up mana bonus notifications.

AzerackAzerack Posts: 499 Mover and Shaker
@LakeStone / @Brigby

Officially adding this to the Suggestions section. (especially since the general post went way off topic, eventually).

The +1 animation for any mana bonus over the PW head is very slow and prevents any action until it is complete.

Karn - Using his T1 ability and drawing an uncolored card. +1 to all mana bonuses

Playing any of the following cards:

Gilded Lotus: +1 to all mana bonuses
Tithe Taker: -1 to all mana bonuses
Rishadan Port: -1 to activated color.

There are other cards/scenarios, but these are most notable.

The animation could:
1. Have an "off/on" in the settings area.
2. Not prevent other actions from occuring.
3. Happen faster than current.
4. A mix of the above.
5. Be removed completely and instead add a quick message noting the mana bonus so the player can check the character window in-game.



  • AzerackAzerack Posts: 499 Mover and Shaker
    @Brigby - Now that you're part of the development team, can you PLEASE ask them to look into this?
    2.3 in the current event uses the Dampening Field support which is just as bad as Karn or the Lotus cards. 
    Just, try playing it, yourself, and see how annoying it is, please. 
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