MTGPQ Monthly Q&A Submission Form *UPDATE (02/05/2020)

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Hey Everyone, 

We are going to start the Q&A sessions again by the end of this month. 

Sorry for taking so long, we hope we can do this more often from now on.

This form will be open to new questions until next week, the 14th.

We will try to answer as much as possible, depending on the amount and content we will be able to share yet, of course.

(If you don't see me engaging on this thread, don't worry! I will collect everything and pass it along to the team.)

The MTGPQ Monthly Q&A Submission Form may have been buried in @Brigby's earlier post but we wanted to make sure everyone was able to see where they can submit their questions for the developer Q&A.  The team will review the questions in the form and share their responses with everyone here in the forums.


Thank you!