Brigby: From Community Manager to Assistant Producer (9/25/19)

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Hi Everyone,

Over the past 3 years or so, you've known me as D3 Go!'s Community Manager, and during those years I've had the privilege of relaying all of the community's feedback to the rest of our team.

Being quick to relay feedback is, of course, important, but recently I’ve been given the opportunity to take a more hands-on role to help facilitate the development process. Not only would this role help expand our team's bandwidth and capabilities, but also help push the community’s ideas further into the spotlight. So to that end, I've agreed to be the newest addition to the Production team as an Assistant Producer.

Now what does that mean about the forum? Some things will change a bit, but other things will stay the same. I'll still be around to post and update things, such as major Announcements and the Sneak Peek, but some of my time moving forward will also be consumed by more behind-the-scenes work to improve the game. I'll be assisting with things like streamlining the QA process or reviewing upcoming content earlier in development.

In other words, less of me simply saying we’re going to do something, and more of me directly contributing towards doing that something.

As I said earlier though, I’ll still be around to post and update things, however with this transition, my hope is that the following will occur:
  1. Quality > Quantity - Being in an Assistant Producer role would allow me to post comments that are more informative and insightful when I do.
  2. Game Improving = Less Questions - A lot of questions at the moment revolve around "Will X bug be fixed?" and/or "When is #.# build coming out?" By working behind the scenes, I hope to be able to help gradually improve the game, so the former question pops up less, and be involved enough in development that I can answer any remaining questions sooner rather than later.
In addition, we’ll also be introducing a more direct way for players to submit their Q&A questions to Oktagon: the MTGPQ Q&A Submission Form. Now you can pass along any questions you may have to Oktagon at any time!

I know this is a big change, but my goal is for this to help allow for quicker improvements in the game and a better overall experience for players. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and of course, thank you for being a part of our MTGPQ community!

TL;DR - I've transitioned from Community Manager to Assistant Producer, which means a more direct contribution towards, and interaction with, the QA and development process.
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