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Are the Devs forsaking their longtime players?

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 724 Critical Contributor
edited September 2019 in MPQ Character Discussion
First Bishop and now Worthy Cap. In fact even before Bishop there was XPool, a character that would punish 5* players simply for making a match. Although at least in XPool's case it was easy to work around him by simply targeting him first.

With Bishop and Worthy Cap there is no getting around them.

If you target one of their allies they will jump in front as a 5* Champion's match damage is typically enough to proc their passives.

As someone who felt like I'd finally "made it" when I made the jump to 5* Champion land after 5+ years, to me it now feels like having 5* Champions is a detriment. Not only detrimental, but it feels disrespectful when 4*s are released that easily counter and punish players with 5* Champions.

For the most part these characters only create problems in Versus, except Bishop has already been in one Story event where players with no experience facing him quickly discovered why 5* players complain about him so much. And now we have Worthy Cap, who will probably pop up in a Story event within the next month or two. Probably the Simulator, where he'll be on the 5E node with Bishop and 5* Hawkeye. Wouldn't that be a fun team to fight?

I cannot help but feel that maybe I'd have more fun if I sold my 5* Champions (well, 8 of them; I'd keep Okoye :tongue:), and all of my 4*s (except for Bishop. Duh!) and rolled myself back to the mostly 3* game.

I won't do that, though. I'll probably just stop playing the Versus side of the game, because it's apparent to me that the development team doesn't play Versus at a competitive level, don't read the Forums, and are ignoring @Brigby and @IceIX when they relay our concerns to them (giving you guys the benefit of the doubt here). Or maybe the Devs are discounting our complaints because they don't even play the game at all so they cannot even comprehend how bad Bishop and now Worthy Cap are when you're a 5-star player.

Is there even any point to me posting this. 32 pages (& counting) without a single "official" response seems like a pretty good sign that the team does not really care about their longtime players.


  • theomentheomen Posts: 99 Match Maker
    I think releasing characters like 5* Wasp, Captain Marvel and Hulk and never fixing them show that 5* players are not a huge priority.

    The whole tier has become very unbalanced. The older characters need their stats updating, several characters need reworking and a 5* Bishop counter should really have come out by now.

    IMO 4*s releases should stop for a little while so that the 5*s can get some love!
  • Dancing_LassDancing_Lass Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Now..... release a 5* magneto that magnetize all ap matched/gained by opponents to himself.

    Ie. All ap gained are automatically transferred to magneto.

    This will set the game to a new height.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,257 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 2019
    theomen said:
    The whole tier has become very unbalanced. The older characters need their stats updating, several characters need reworking and a 5* Bishop counter should really have come out by now. 
    If bishop was designed to fill in the gap for 4* rosters to fight against 5*s, then it only makes sense that the counter should be 3*! 

    Before you correct me, yes I realise that 3* match damage aren’t high enough to trigger bishop. 
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