The Dragon War? More like Tamiyo Tribal.

razraz Posts: 22 Just Dropped In

Seriously, the Dragon War event is a joke, as every node seems to be dominated by Tamiyo players. 

There's nothing better than sitting there while the AI takes 8+ turns in a row, completely obliterating your board, while you're still trying to get your first support to stick. I guess this game is really pay-to-win, because there's no way you're beating someone who can empty their hand, refill it, and repeat, several times in a row, while placing 100+ power on the board and locking down/wiping your entire board. 

What's the strategy here? Out spend them and hope that you get the first cascade of gem matches to lock out the opponent, by turn 4?

But maybe it's not just that Planeswalker. Because every multi-color blue PW is running Stitch in Time and Blue Sun, which pretty much is a lock. Might as well go get some coffee. After a whole cycle of facing Tamiyo decks in every node, I'm done.

The company doesn't care about balance, only money, so this will only get worse. Pretty soon matches will just be decided by a coin toss.

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