Delay after firing a power before another power can be selected

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 723 Critical Contributor
This seems something that only manifested after the new engine/major update.
Previously I used to be able to open the characters' power selection screen immediately after the power's effects had resolved. (Or at least as quickly as I could physically tap the screen.)
Now, every time I fire a power there is a very noticeable delay after the power has resolved before the game will open the power selection screen.


  • KGBKGB Posts: 872 Critical Contributor
    Funny but this has always been there for me on Android.

    I complained about this in the bug forum months ago and specifically cited Gamora's stun power as 'locking out the GUI' for a few seconds so that not only can't you open the character selection screen but you can't cycle enemy characters or make matches etc. I presumed then (and still do now) that even with animations turned off, the game has a set delay that still gets enforced where the animation would have played. This is very annoying and just makes battles longer than they need to be and I really wish it would get fixed.

  • JSP869JSP869 Posts: 723 Critical Contributor
    You mention the animations and I was actually thinking that when I made this post; I cannot help but wonder if there are now unseen animations playing in the background, or at least a forced delay between powers.

    I'm almost exclusively a ThorKoye player. I do have a Champion 5* Thanos but I prefer to play ThorKoye because they're a no brainer team and they're a lot less health pack intensive.

    And because it's ThorKoye, I don't use powers too often, other than to heal Okoye and/or wipe the entire AI team with Thor, so usually I'm only firing one power at a time. I've just been noticing this issue when I'm trying to fire Okoye's Yellow multiple times in succession, or I heal her then want to fire Thor's Green, but I cannot open either of their power screens for a second or two immediately after healing Okoye.
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 947 Critical Contributor
    Your observation is correct, I see it too. But it's been around longer than the new engine. See for example this thread.
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