New Story(?) Event: Gwen Prix

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Text version for those of you viewing on tiny screens and trying to decipher even tinier text:

Heya! Gwenpool here with the event of the century! Or... 8 decades at least, Marvel needs to cook a little longer to hit that magic number. Anyway! I call this the Gwen Prix!

Deadpool thinks he has this “Daily Quest” thing down? He wouldn’t know a well written fanfic if it shot him in the head. He just bashes his toys together. Really! take a look at him! That’s all he’s doing! And Taco Tokens?! My character covers bring all the boys to the yard. Who needs Vaults when you just get cool people in your roster?

But it’s not all fun and games in the Gwen Prix. I give you two fanfics a day, and you only get to go through one. Do you fight against Comrade Russia, or do you take to the beaches in sunny Miami with Black Widow: CSI? Reading fanfics takes time, so choose wisely. What fanfics do I have for you? That’s for me to know and you to find out!

Anyway, I’ve got those MPQ peeps running this starting on 9/13, and I’ve got 5 pairs of ‘fics for this amazing event.

Check it out! In your face, Deadpool! People like me best!

Not spoiling the ‘fics, but I can give you the skinny on the rewards. This event’s gonna give:

Day 1:- One of 2 2-star covers
Day 2 - Elite Token or 1000 Iso-8
Day 3 - One of 2 3-star covers
Day 4 - Elite Token or 1000 Iso-8
Day 5 - One of 2 4-star covers

Remember, one reward per reader, per day! No exceptions or returns! Offer not valid in those other non-puzzly Marvel games.


  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    edited September 2019
    Approve! Is it additional to DDQ, limited run, instead of DDQ? Pretty curious
  • Borstock
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    If it's a 4* cover every 5 days, that's a really nice addition. If it's a one time event, it's still fun but a little less exciting. 
  • wymtime
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    So this will be gwenpool daily quest?  Will this be limited or permanent going forward?  
  • DyingLegend
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    Looks neat
  • JHawkInc
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    Is it part of DDQ, like an extra node, or will it be listed as a separate Story entry?

    I assume the days are distinct and not cumulative, meaning if you miss day 2, and play on day 3, you'll still be getting 3-star covers (instead of having to earn them all in order)?

    Will there be any extra artwork or something to "sell" these stories (like, Russian outfits for Comrade Russia and whomever else we play against?)

    Are there any restrictions or requirements on nodes? Black Widow: CSI sounds like something where you'd play with her on your team.

    Hmmm, what else could I ask... any indication of node difficulty? Curious as to how hard it would be for a newer player to earn those 4-star covers (and whether they're meant for players just starting to collect 4's, or people in the process of covering/champing them, or people who are pursuing champ levels, you know?)

    Regardless, I like the idea, and am looking forward to it. Hope it does well and the writers get more chances to write stories for this (whatever that entails), it looks like a welcome little booster shot to the daily game routine.
  • shardwick
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    @Brigby will the covers be specific like a green Vulture or will the color for the cover be random like with Howard in Webbed Wonder?
  • bluewolf
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    Nice to see some new content like this!  Looking forward to trying it out.  Looks like the team had some fun with it.

    Play it, everyone!  More chances at 4* covers would be nice to see on a regular basis.
  • Pantera236
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    Will you be announcing the new character tonight?
  • turbomoose
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    Had a feeling that would be the case, with anniversary soon 

    will be nice to do something different 🙂
  • lvsmr2
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    Will there be a sneak peek on the covers prior? 
  • Pantera236
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    Thanks for all the responses IceIX, much appreciated, can you tell us who it is😎
  • shardwick
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    IceIX said:
    shardwick said:
    @Brigby will the covers be specific like a green Vulture or will the color for the cover be random like with Howard in Webbed Wonder?
    Not Brigby, but it's a random cover, like Howard.
    How do we know that Brigby isn't cosplaying as IceIX? Hmmmm? You can't fool me, Brigby!

    I keed. Maybe.