Your Pull Results -- Prof X, Iceman, Storm

PiMacleod Posts: 1,664 Chairperson of the Boards
Had 26 tokens to start.

1 Iceman
3 Storms

From 4* champ rewards, got 3 more LTs, pulled another Iceman.  

Wont argue with these results.


  • Monsoon3
    Monsoon3 Posts: 22 Just Dropped In
    I put this in a different thread. Might as well put it here too.

    Cracked open my small hoard. Was extremely happy with what I pulled. 48 total pulls (after all rewards were claimed). Ended up with 13 5* (four Prof X, seven Iceman, two Storm) filling in all missing colors as well. Was able to champ off two 4* too. Only one BH cover for Juggernaut. 27% pull rate is outstanding. 
  • freakygeek
    freakygeek Posts: 95 Match Maker
    Roughly 340 pulls.  Had 1 storm and 1 iceman, no Prof $.  Now have a 450 Storm, 454 Iceman and 459 Prof $.  Not one single bonus 5 the entire time.
  • shardwick
    shardwick Posts: 2,121 Chairperson of the Boards
    Six latest tokens. Pulled a Prof X to get him rostered and a blue Juggs putting him at 11 covers. Can't complain about that. 
  • skittledaddy
    skittledaddy Posts: 902 Critical Contributor
    15 LLTs:
    1 Prof X
    1 bonus Juggs

    2 more LLTs from champ rewards:
    1 5torm
  • PorkBelly
    PorkBelly Posts: 524 Critical Contributor
    Each 5* had one cover to start.  Had 159 LL tokens & spent ~3k CP.

    Now Storm is 458, Iceman is 453, and Prof X is 451.  Pulled 2 5* bonus covers during the process.  
  • djperry1973
    djperry1973 Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    25 pulls across tokens and cp gave me 2 black Storms, 3 blue Icemen, and 1 yellow Iceman.
  • DAZ0273
    DAZ0273 Posts: 8,887 Chairperson of the Boards
    I pulled 4 Iceman, 2 green, 2 blue and I also bagged 2 Juggernaut BH and from champ levels bagged a purple Loki. I also pulled my 10th Winter Soldier so Champed him for a red Infini-Cap cover.

    I would have preferred my Juggs covers to be not blue but hey ho. Pretty good going from 31 pulls.
  • dramatist
    dramatist Posts: 196 Tile Toppler
    I pulled exactly 100. I got nine 5*s. 4 Iceman, 3 Storm and 2 Professor X. This was pretty disappointing. I did get five bonus Juggernaut covers so he’s level 229 now. 
  • tiomono
    tiomono Posts: 1,608 Chairperson of the Boards
    10 latest legend tokens 400 cp.

    3 iceman one was a bonus hero
    1 prof x
    1 storm
    1 5* kingpin from champ rewards
    1 bonus 4* juggs.
  • Mrcl25
    Mrcl25 Posts: 136 Tile Toppler
    Pulled 228 LTs, got 14 Iceman, 14 Storm, 12 Prof. X., and 2 BH.
  • helix72
    helix72 Posts: 982 Critical Contributor
    1 pull, 1 Blue Prof X

    Oddly, I actually felt a little disappointed. With 297 tokens, only 1 cover for each of Iceman and Storm,  and Juggs set as my 4* BH, I was looking forward to pulling more.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled hoarding.
  • GrimSkald
    GrimSkald Posts: 2,343 Chairperson of the Boards
    I pulled 70 so far - got 1 Iceman and 1 Professor X.  I'm so pissed right now I'm giving the game a break, I'll resume pulling after a day or so gives me more perspective, but right now every 4* I pull makes me more and more angry.

    I swear to G-d, if I didn't track my pulls I would have quit this game long ago.  All in all my pulls are slightly better than average, even now.
  • KenshinUK
    KenshinUK Posts: 90 Match Maker
    Made 10 pulls. Got one of each 5* and a bonus 4*. Pretty decent. :smile:
  • gravel
    gravel Posts: 585 Critical Contributor
    126 pulls, 18 5*s.  The bad news was 13 of the 18 were Iceman, and only one was yellow.   He was 0/2/3 to start, so now he's 1/5/5 with a bunch of saved covers.
  • SirHuggyBear
    SirHuggyBear Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    34 total pulls. 3 Prof X (1/1/1!), 1 Storm, 1 Ice. 1 Bonus beard Cap. I'm happy.
  • Therealsmkspy
    Therealsmkspy Posts: 254 Mover and Shaker
    1 pull, 1 Prof $ cover. Happy for that I'll have him for an essential 1st time up.
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,824 Chairperson of the Boards
    14 pulls, one of each Professor X cover. No Storm or Iceman*, but I'm still not complaining about that kind of pull ratio. Also got two Juggernaut covers, one "natural", one bonus. One more plus the one from Sim and he's Shield Training-ready.
    *OK, there were two Iceman covers, but they were the 4* version.
  • captainheath
    captainheath Posts: 216 Tile Toppler
    Almost exactly 15%:

    5 Prof X, 2 Iceman, 4 Storm on 75 pulls.
  • JSP869
    JSP869 Posts: 814 Critical Contributor
    I had ~48 LTs (I think), and 11 remaining after receiving all my Champion rewards, which included a few more LTs.

    I pulled 3 X5 covers, one of each. I was specifically after his Purple, and I stopped pulling when I got it.

    I also got 3 more Iceman covers taking him to 1/2/1, 2-3 Storm covers (I forget if it was 2 or 3) taking her to 1/3/3, and a bonus Okoye taking her to level 459, and 3 levels ahead of Thor. I think she needs 8-10 levels on him before she'll tank Red over him.

    I also got 3 bonus Juggernaut covers putting him at 3/3/5, ready for Shield Training.

    I'm pretty happy with this result.
  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 2,553 Chairperson of the Boards
    10 pulls till I got a Prof X Blue for PvE

    I got a bonus Juggs Green (hurray) and a bonus Kitty Red (bah, because its just goes to saved covers and likely won't be usable for months or maybe years depending on when the next Kitty store is.