Which 3*s to keep with limited spots. Detailed post.

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Just want to start off by saying I am missing out on some finger flicking around different colored circles and possibly 3 standard pulls involving 1* Spider-Mans from this 33 minute post. Relatively new player, but threw $19.99 for a Deadpool deal and 9.99 for a VIP. Currently at 30 roster spots, 5 open, but 12 different Rare character covers with about 6 to 12 days left in the covers. Let's assume I am working with 8 open spots for this post. Most importantly, need help on who to recruit. I know there are quite a few geniuses in here. From reading in forums and Reddit, I will just save all my Elite covers. Currently at 8. I assume no sense in just adding more rares, to have a 13 day ticker, to eventually just selling for iso-8, because no roster spots. Plus, right now, I don't want to run into an award of getting more rares without having the choice to recruit or sell while taking up a roster spot from a cover that is about to expire. I want to get this done. Definitely need some help. 

Game plan: Level up 2s. Then start collecting 3s and opening big possible covers when roster spots open.

I will list the covers I have in order of what I think will be best for building a collection. I also will attach my current day 15 roster in a link below. I have been averaging approximately 8 hours a day since being unemployed. Not to mention alliance hopping because I am placing high and leading in points, but only a quarter of these members on different alliances even participating. That is another story.

* Note: I understand I might have to eventually sell Elektra and Carnage 4*s. As well as 2 of my 1*s. Currently, they are viable for what I got.

Used the championed rewards link to figure a lot of this out: https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/37687/champion-rewards-by-character/p1

3*s to either recruit or sell: (let's pick 8):
Top of my list are potential covers that could be helped from 2* championed covers.

~ Cpt Marvel - Modern .. red, yellow . Eventually for 4* Cpt. Marvel - Carol Denvers.
~ Human Torch - Classic .. green . Eventually for 4* Thing - Classic.
~ Cpt America - Super Soldier .. red . Eventually for 4* Winter Soldier - Bucky Barnes.
~ Black Widow - Grey Suit .. purple . Eventually for 4* Nick Fury - Director of Shield.
~ Thor - Modern .. red . Eventually for 4* Red Hulk - Thunderbolt Boss.

The rest I don't know if worth recruiting or selling. Maybe need the vet MPQ players here: 

~ Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff .. blue, purple. Eventually for 4* Quake - Daisy Johnson.
~ The Punisher - Dark Reign .. 2x red. Eventually for 4* Punisher (Max).
~ Gambit - Modern .. red. Eventually for 4* Rogue - Classic.
~ Daredevil - Man Without Fear .. blue. Eventually for 4* Elektra - Unkillable. (Currently one 4* Elektra in roster)
~ Star-Lord - Peter Quill .. grn. Eventually for 4* Star-Lord - Legendary Outlaw.
~ Black Panther - T'Challa .. blue. Eventually for 4* Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards.
~ Spider-Man - Classic .. yellow. Eventually for 4* Miles Morales - Spider-Man. (I've heard Bag-man is not worth it to level, so I assume this is my least important option.)

120 hours + $30 = Start saving covers if you want a good collection. Or else you are a screwed MPQ player. Because those covers that you sweated, accomplished, and earned will go straight to the purple things we named iso-8. Oh I get it, you are trying to have fun and play the game at a higher level, but no no no. You need roster spots opened before even thinking to any next steps. This is an expensive little game. Mwuhahaha. One that involves many days of gameplay. Years. Have fun new little minion gamer. - Love the f***** logic!

Maybe one of you suggest to just open those Elite Covers. See what you get and come back to this post. Maybe you guys/girls suggest on which ones to recruit and which ones to toss down the drain for 500 purple pieces of ****. Maybe one of you offer a crazy active alliance. I will take any advice or suggestions. I will also be actively checking other posts. Accidentally posted this is Tips and Guides a moment ago.

Thank you to whoever helps or reads this post.


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    If you need slots I wouldn't hesitate to sell Punisher, 1* Storm and 1* Iron Man. Keep Juggernaut for DDQ.

    Your next job, if not already done, should be to bonus hero 3* Dr. Strange and get him rostered ASAP. You should chase him as hard as you can as he is basically the ultimate goon killer for PvE via his yellow power. Remember if you open a regular token and score a 3* cover you will 100% get a bonus hero from it!

    Personally I would open the Elites and not worry about it too much. Iso-8 seems like it is coming out of your ears at present but this game is not a short term one and if you stay with it you will quickly find that Iso-8 is a major bottleneck to progression.

    Otherwise you should work on champing the 2* tier and then "farming" them for champion rewards, selling and re-rostering as you go. As you already have the better 3's rostered already (I would roster Patch though from 2* Wolverine) then you can go about collecting covers for those 3's without worrying about roster slots.

    You could also keep one slot if you free it up for rotating essential characters for PvE for example and then just selling and rostering as needed.

    With regard to the 3* fed by 2* you don't have rostered - I wouldn't worry about 3* Torch too much, he will come around again via 2* Torch but Thor is worth having if/when you have the space.

    None of the 3* listed otherwise are priorities, your next target after Strange should be 3* Iron Man. I also wouldn't sell your 4's just yet if you can help it.

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      For resource purposes only I used these guides when I was beginning and it was super helpful.  Yes, the guides are super old but most of the information is still very relevant since 3*s have not been added to the game in awhile.  The only other 3* not mentioned in the guide is 3* Hawkeye, he's a very good AP generator against tile layers and special tile creators.  Hawkeye and Strange 3* make a very good team against goons.  https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/63041/guides-tips-and-free-gifts-compendium#latest : The Character Guide section especially "Dauthi's 3* Guide".  The 4* guide is somewhat helpful but this one is more helpful  https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/56176/a-mostly-accurate-4-ranking-final-update-8-11-18#latest .it's only a year old and contains many of the really solid 4*s.