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Guides, Tips and Free Gifts Compendium

fight4thedreamfight4thedream GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 936 Critical Contributor
edited January 14 in MPQ Tips and Guides
Howdy! With the new forum layout, I thought I would try to compose a compendium to the most useful information in this forum. The goal is to highlight those threads that ideally 1.) contain useful information for forum users and 2.) are up-to-date or still relevant. If you feel a topic in this forum is worthy to be added to the compendium, please post below. Also, if a thread has fallen into obsolescence let us know here. Any additional ideas or feedback is always welcome!

Useful General Information
5* feeders/4* champ rewards(full list)
Champion rewards [By Character]
Common Forum Abbreviations
Current Latest 4* and 5* in tokens, and future additions/removals
Prologue Character Drops
S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply List (Daily Rewards)

Gameplay Guides
2018 Guide to Progressing Fast from 1* to 5* Characters
A PvE Guide For Beginners
PvE Format Guide
Complete DDQ4 (Crash) Guide - Tips for all Matchups
On Patrol - A Team-up Guide (outdated but still useful)
Colognoisseur's Guide to Mining ISO from LR's 2.1 7/23UPDATE [rewards structure has changed, needs to be updated but strategy still valid]
Hayek's guide to reaching high PvP progression reward [slightly outdated with old PvP progression point values, but still useful]

Character Guides
Dauthi's 3* Guide - Who to level and how to build 'em!
Dauthi's 4* Guide - So You've Made it This Far!
Polarity's Guide on Going From 1* to 3* (Updated: 1/22/15) [outdated, but still useful for beginners]

Player-created Tools and Resources
MPQ Gamependium 
theHappyDance's MPQ Player Tools & Resource Compilation
Puzzle Quest Cover Tracker

Links to free In-game gifts
This is a list of all available functioning links to free in-game gifts. The date next to the link shows when the offer was first made available. Unfortunately it is not clear if there is a time-limit on these offers so in the event you come across an expired offer, please let me know here and I will remove the link.

3* Captain Marvel cover August 2018

Those listed in the spoiler tag below have been reported as expired.

It seems Jojeda had a similar project going on last year so I tip my hat to them in respect: Tips and Guide Index
Also, a special thanks to @Lucifier for coming up with the idea to keep track of free gifts, @Mattjimf for updating the forum with links to free gifts, and to @Moon Roach for suggesting to keep such links in a centralized, easy-to-find location.


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