Stuck with too many Saved Covers just sitting there

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So, apparently I’m one of the few players that actually want to Champion my 5* characters but I have 3 or 4 Five Star characters that have been sitting at 12 covers for months and in the case of my Silver Surfer, for years now. Most are at 5 2 5 and getting that one needed cover to make the 13 has been torture. I’ve maxed out my Saved Cover slots on all and have actually gone over with Okoye with 4/3 saved covers. Is there anything I can do to get those needed covers to make 13? 


  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 410 Mover and Shaker
    You could convert 3 saved covers to one of any powers.

    Some people say it's better to wait until we get the 13th cover so we don't miss out on the champion rewards. But, that depends on which character it is, our playstyle and how fast we could get the relevant resources. I think there's little to be gained by holding on to 3 saved covers if the chance of getting the 13th cover from Classics is really small.

    Having said that, perhaps another way to get the 13th covers for your 5*s would be from their 4* feeders. Silver Surfer is fed by MrF now.
  • OJSPOJSP Posts: 410 Mover and Shaker
    We are allowed to hold 100 saved covers for our 5*s, so you can also wait for the 13th covers from your Classic pulls.
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    If you're wondering how to mechanically convert 3:1 to finish them, open the character and go to the "powers" screen. You should have the option to upgrade the power at 2 covers there, as if you had the correct one on your vine. Clicking that button will do the conversion. Sorry if you knew that, it wasn't quite clear to me from your post if that was what you were asking or not.
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    Keep in mind the Hero for Hire option as well if any of them come up as Featured. 250CP ain't cheap, but it also ain't bad compared to how many Classics you'd otherwise need to pull.
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    I also hear that there is a crossroads in Georgia where you might be able to strike a bargain for one. Don't forget your fiddle.
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