**** Legion (David Charles Haller) ****

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Cover: Legion (2018) #4, Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez

**** Legion (David Charles Haller) ****

Multiple Personalities - Green (Passive)

David's can somehow change to match whichever of his multiple personalities is dominant, with personality and body shifts sometimes happening at random.  Whenever your team makes a yellow match, create a protect tile of strength 250. Whenever your team makes a green match, create a strike tile of strength 250.  Whenever your team makes a blue match, create an attack tile of strength 250.

  • Level 2: 300

  • Level 3: 350

  • Level 4: 400

  • Level 5: 400 / special tiles are fortified upon creation

Gestalt - Blue 10 AP

David learns to merge willingly with other personas, gaining true control over his powers. Fortifies [2] friendly special tiles and deals [1000] damage for each fortified special tile.

  • Level 2: 3 tiles / 1000 damage

  • Level 3: 3 tiles / 1500 damage

  • Level 4: 4 tiles / 1500 damage

  • Level 5: 4 tiles / 2000 damage

It’s about saving lives, starting with mine. - Yellow 12  AP

How do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself?  David clears the board (does not generate AP), triggers any start of battle abilities and supports, and gives himself healing of [1000] if [4] or more fortified special tiles are removed.

  • Level 2: 1500 healing / 4 or more fortified

  • Level 3: 2000 healing / 3 or more fortified

  • Level 4: 2500 healing / 2 or more fortified

  • Level 5: 3000 healing / 1 or more fortified


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    Green I had envisioned as a way to act as an analog to multiple personalities in a way still positive, playing in the same vein as characters like Moon Knight or Daken.

    Blue brings those together into one big skill.  The more you set up, the more effective it is.

    And, yellow is my attempt at representing time travel.  Reset the board, a heal that synergies a bit if you're destroying your own tiles, and re-triggering all the starting passives.

    Designed a bit in conjunction as opposing my Shadow King concept:  https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/78718/shadow-king-amahl-farouk
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