What are your favorite passive powers?



  • peterdark
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    purplemur said:
    I feel like asking for favorite passive is like asking which is your favorite Fast and Furious movie. I mean it's hard to compare Tokyo Drift and F8. Some are heist, some are fisticuffs, some are about         family      , some are Jason Statham, Some are the Rock, some are Jason Statham and the Rock, and some are Jason Statham and the Rock in a side project about Jason Statham and the Rock. 

    Awesome, how much thought did you put into that?   :)

    Unfortunately if I like it twice you don't get a like :P 
  • Bubba3210
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    I’m loving the synergy between Gwen, Miles and Iron Spidey. Passive web creation from matches, ap gain and healing. Just wish the main damage was not red on all three. 
  • JackTenrec
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    Given the number of ridiculous cascades that I endure on a regular basis, the obvious answer is Mockingbird's Opportunist.  Pair with Peggy or Jean Grey for extra shenanigans.
  • HoundofShadow
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    My favourite got to be MEH's Grand Entrance, which switches tiles around at the start of the turn. It's unpredictable. 
     It could give you a nice surprise or screw you up. When it screw you up, you have to improvise. That's the exciting part about his power. It's unpredictable and wakes you up.
  • Rod5
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    My favourite passive is a treble act...DD purple, Thor green and Okoye black.

    Thor starts a cascade, Okoye’s boost with a load of TU AP on DD passive can down basically any character of any size in the game - 550s included.