So what Supports do you have, and which do you use?



  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 224 Tile Toppler
    Chimichanga for Phoenix, Gambit, IW Cap, any purple/red active... I shouldn’t have to say more.

    Level 200 currently (4*) and I have an almost 40% chance to gain 2 ap of (supported character matched) purple and red on match.

    It also has a hogh chance to fortify special tiles which is very nice for Phoenix. You can get to 21 purple ap in no time and absolutely wreck teams with cascades and a spammable red outlet.

    it’s truly epic to watch...
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,128 Chairperson of the Boards
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    DeNappa said:
    I have multiple, but the ones that probably get the most use are:

    Rank 3 Chewie at level 150 on Okoye -- 38% chance to creates strength 283 attack tiles when she makes a match, and 12.5% to remove enemy tiles when firing a friendly power. I don't have the royal talon fighter...

    Rank 2 Lucky at level 100 on 5Thor -- reduces enemy power damage by 225, and gives a 33% chance to (true-)heal for 487 health when matching a friendly special tile.

    I often run Okoye together with Thor, and this combo has a nice synergy. Okoye spends a lot of time in front so she creates attack tiles frequently. But there will be times when Thor eats team damage, or has to be put in front (usually on green...). Any damage he sustains that way can be micro-healed back to near half health with this setup. And if he heals too much, just put him in front on purpose for a bit, or put Thanos on the team for a round.

    3* Wong (150) on 3* Dr Strange is the only one that sees use.

    I levelled up a 3* Hydra henchmen just because it was my only 3* at the time. Wasn't the wisest way to spend Riso.
    In my opinion, the Hydra one is not the worst support to spend ISO on. It has a pretty useful rank 1 perk (chance of passively fortifying friendly special tile at the start of turn).

    So I finally got a Royal Talon Fighter support. Even though it is 'only' rank 1, the synergy perk is useful enough to try it on Okoye.

    With that change, I would receive a lot less heals with Lucky on 5Thor, so I decided to change his support as well.

    And in the past month I ALSO got a rank 3 Atlantis and a rank 3 Yaro root support... So, my Thor is now equipped with a rank 3/level 150 Atlantis support for about 50% chance to start with 5 green AP.

    But wait! Since I'm running Thor/Okoye/Chavez all the time, I equipped the Yaro root on Chavez. While I don't have the RISO to level it to 150 yet, it's now at level 100 for another ~40% chance to start with 5 additional green AP.

    A double proc on Atlantis/Yaro means starting with 10 green, which is almost enough to cast Thor's God of Thunder power right off the bat.
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