So what Supports do you have, and which do you use?

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There are a lot of topic on the new Support Circuit and the acquisition (or lack thereof) of Supports. Some people still hate the system, and some think it's fine for what it is. But I was curious... what relevant supports have you acquired so far, and how (if at all) do you use them?

While I can't stress enough how the idea of Supports ever being usable in PVP turns me off (because defensive supports could make the whole system a nightmare), the problem I have with PVE supports is that, even with them, I don't use that many different characters. But I do use a few, so here are mine (for clarity's sake, this is partially adapted/cut-and-pasted from another topic here):

1) Ebony Maw **** lv200 equipped to Vulture. 62% chance to start the battle with 3 black AP to get him airborn faster. This is FANTASTIC. I use Vulture a LOT against Bosses, and sometimes even in regular PVE in the Required Character nodes if the opponents are 3 tile movers. Easily my most useful support.

2) Element Guns *** lv150 equipped to Star-Lord. I used to use Star-Lord a lot more in a pre-Kitty world, and this gave a 61% chance of starting with 6 or 9 AP (depending if I went SL/Grocket/Medusa or SL/Grocket/Gamora, and that usually depended on how many tile movers the opponent team had). This was more useful pre-Kitty, but for a while, it was pretty good.

3) Chimichanga *** lv150 equipped to Gamora. 34% chance to fortify friendly tiles (for Grocket's swords) and 27% chance to get extra red AP on a red match. Same as the E-Guns: it was better before Kitty made Gamora and Star-Lord a lot less relevant. It wasn't the best support, but it was nice.

4) Korg *** lv150 equipped to Kitty Pryde. 1103 extra health and a 45% chance to start with 3 yellow AP to get her closer to creating some shields. Not great, and there's probably something better I could put on her, but better than nothing. The Chimichanga might work better on her?

5) Milano ** lv100 equipped to Grocket. Countdown damage tile, and this probably remains my 2nd most useful support, even at 2*. Even with my not using Gamora or Star-Lord as much anymore, it's still a nice little bonus to help speed PVE up a hair. 

6) Pocket Radio *** lv150 equipped to America Chavez. Chavez already exists strictly to do match damage, and two of her three good colors are red and green. With this, red and green do even more damage. I'm testing using Chavez as my "middle" between Grocket and Kitty now instead of Medusa, but I'm not sure it's markedly better.

7) Quantum Realm *** lv150 equipped to Medusa. 47% chance to start its FIVE purple AP, which is pretty rad. If I'm going against Fist/Sword/Shield creators, this could get me a jump on stealing their tiles. It also reduces match damage by 16%. 

Those are all the ones I have boosted so far. And I've got at least a workable/decent support for all my core PVE characters which are nice. My other relevant supports are:

Web-Shooters, **** - my only other 4* support to this point, but it's kind of... eh. I could see leveling it and equipping it to Ghost since it enhances Blue and Purple (and Critical) matches (Ghost seems like the character who could use that the most), but I haven't gotten around to it yet. WAIT, NEVERMIND. This can only be equipped to Spider-Verse characters?! Okay, so it's garbage. Great. I really don't understand this support now; no 4* Spider uses Purple and Blue, and BSSM doesn't care about web tiles. Is this just for 3* Spider-Man? Maybe. 

Cull Obsidian/Hydra Henchmen/Victorious, *** - My remaining 3* supports, ALL only equitable to villains, which lowers their stock dramatically, but I guess it's still better than only equipping to friggin' Spiders. Obsidian at 4* would be fantastic on Maw's level (except for creating Green instead of Black). Hydra Henchmen seems okay, but would again be usable at 4* (and might only shine during certain PVE like Prodigal Sun, Deadpool Vs MPQ, and Simulator). Victorious seems awful. Just useless. 

So what all have you gotten so far?



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    I accidentally deleted my comment instead of editing it. Curses mobile phone. But I was trying to say out of all the ones I do have they are all level 1 and I have not changed who I put them on once I got them. I don't plan on opening any of the tokens I hoarded except for the support circuit cuz I guess the 2* are good for the farm. 

    What I do have is a rank 3 ebony maw, rank 2 full obsidian, proxima midnight, Milano, vintage shield, wasp gauntlets and web shooters, rank 1 avengers tower, corvius glaive, element guns, Hydra henchmen, quinjet, and Wong.
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    This is similar to another thread, but I'll quickly mention the supports I use:

    Level 200 Shuri's Lab on Kitty - mostly used to fortify strikes, which triggers off matching; it also boosts red and green match damage. This works great since Kitty tanks 4 colors plus TU tiles.  Cascades also give more chances to fortify. 

    Level 150 Chimichanga on Grocket - used to fortify strikes, which is a chance each turn. 

    Level 200 Vibranium Ore on Medusa - mostly used to increase her CD tile damage, which doubles it to 1400. It also creates protect tiles on match 4+. Sometimes I move this to Thanos and I always move it for CoT.

    Level 150 SP//DR - 50% chance of getting 5 Yellow, sometimes used on 5e and 4e node. 

    Everything else is too low level to make a big difference. I do have a 4* Lucky, but I don't have a use for it. 

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    I have some. I don't know what any of them do. 
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    Everything is level 1, attached to the suggested character if it has one (or either ignored or "whatever" if it doesn't.

    The exception is the jey thingy for Okoye. 4* and level 200. It's not bad.
    Being in 5* land means I don't really care about most supports. They go on 3* or 4* characters who I don't use any more.
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    The two that I use most often are Element Guns on Kitty (to Fortify Strikes/Countdowns), and The Milano on R&G (for the damage countdown at the start of the game).  I think they're both 3*, they're both maxed for whatever tier they are. Honestly, I could have just left the Milano at level 1, since all I care about is that it does at least one damage from the Synergy perk to get an extra hit with all the Strikes.
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    Web Shooters, 4* lvl 200: Equipped to Peter Parker(lvl 455). Critical multiplier boosted to 5.5x. Extra web tiles on match 5. Run him with 5* Thor and Chavez. Wasp Gauntelts 3* lvl 150: equiped to OML. Took this as a suggestion from someone else in here. Higher chance for OML to tank blue an extra healing. Kimoyo Beads 4* lvl 100 now (need to level more): Equipped to any featured blue user (currently Hawkeye). Chance for 2 extra blue on blue match, and chance to increase a special tile. Destroyer Gun 2*: equiped to 5* DD. Chance to fortify strike tiles? I’ll take it.
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    Ebony Maw **** on Vulture, currently at 86. Similar to your use, OP.

    Element Guns *** on 4* Star Lord (leveled to 100). As often as I use the trifecta of Grocket, G4mora and Starlord or Yondu in lace of G4mora, that is a very, very handy support. Especially the random pile of AP to start a fight with.

    Wong *** on 3*Doc Strange (currently level 100). The number of times its removed countdown or special tiles against characters like Mindless Ones has proved it's worth time and time again.

    Milano ** on Grocket. That countdown is nice to start a fight with. Especially with C4p Marvel on the team.

    Spider-Sense **** on IW Spider-Man (currently leveled at 86). Helpful as I run the Spider-Verse team of Miles, Spider-Gen and IW Spider-Man on occasion.

    Agent Sharon Carter *** on America Chavez (leveled at 86 now). The critical damage multiplier makes those tiles hit harder.

    The rest, depending what color they boost might be equipped to a current powered up 4-star to make sure they're tanking colors to be on the front line so one of my weaker support characters isn't spending a lot of time on the front line. I'm trying to keep them all equally leveled, getting all to 100 to start that can get there. I want more levels for Shuri's support and Lucky and want Sp//dr rank*** or higher for Miles Morales to make that Spider-Vere team even quicker to generating more AP.

  • spidyjedi84spidyjedi84 Posts: 514 Critical Contributor

    Web-Shooters, **** - my only other 4* support to this point, but it's kind of... eh. I could see leveling it and equipping it to Ghost since it enhances Blue and Purple (and Critical) matches (Ghost seems like the character who could use that the most), but I haven't gotten around to it yet. WAIT, NEVERMIND. This can only be equipped to Spider-Verse characters?! Okay, so it's garbage. Great. I really don't understand this support now; no 4* Spider uses Purple and Blue, and BSSM doesn't care about web tiles. Is this just for 3* Spider-Man? Maybe.

    Miles tanks on Purple, but he doesn't get the best benefit from that support. That support is definitely tailored for 5 star Spidey, with the crit multiplier and additional creation of web tiles he'll destroy with his red to turn into very powerful crit tiles.
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    Lvl 200 Pocket Radio on Okoye. Makes her tank red instead of Thor.

    Lvl 200 Chewie on Kitty. Makes Attack tiles which are obviously useful. Also, this support is very nice for any 1vs1 fight. I use it on hard crashes and Shield Training fights.
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    A bunch, none.
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    I kind of forgot who I put all the ones I have on, and rarely pay attention to what they do. I typically put them on whoever they have a synergy perk with.

    4* Corvus Glaive lvl 200 -add a bunch to purple, only useful on villains. I have it on Rulk, never notice it working or not

    3* Element Guns lvl 150 - on 5* Lord to fortify 4ocket strikes. It works really well for that, but i don't run this team much now that I have GR:RR champed

    4* Lockheed lvl 200 - on Kitty, I guess it's doing stuff. my Kitty is 2/2/0 so I don't use her as much as some of y'all

    3* Royal Talon Fighter lvl 150 - on Okoye. probably doing stuff, i never notice

    3* Milano lvl 150 - attached to 4ocket. i see the countdown, it does some damage on turn 3 if it lasts that long
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    I try to make sure every support is equipped to someone, and that all of my favorite characters have one. I'll usually put them on their synergy person, but the captain america synergies are terrible. 
    Blackbird 3* on Phoenix, gives another tile boost on match 5
    Wasp Gauntlets 2* on Wasp
    Chimichanga 2* on IW Cap, chance for extra red on every red match
    Quantum realm 4* on Daredevil, chance for free purple ap
    Web Shooters 3* on Peter Parker
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    I’ve only invested iso in three:

    My only 4* (Hukling) is maxed (L200) on Daredevil. 
    -Increase green match damage (want him to tank)
    - Maximum health increase of 1700 (meh)
    - 45% chance to fortify when he fires a power (he makes strikes)
    - When healed he heals and extra 520 (again meh... but he heals every turn he’s below 50%)

    Maxed 3* (L150) Avengers Tower on Kitty
    - 38% to start with 2 Yellow AP (for shields)
    - 43% chance to fortify when she matches tiles (great for Gritty)
    - match 4s add a weak protect (to help hit the buffing threshold. 

    Thanos has a maxed 3* (L150) Corvus
    - bump to purple damage
    - 13% chance to fortify and deal small
    damage at the beginning of the turn (used for Thanos/Gritty)
    - small bump to max health

    The rest have no iso:

    Thor has a rank 2 Korg for the weak synergy perk. 

    Jessica has rank 2 beads for +10 to Blue match damage

    Cable has a rank 3 wong for 5% chance at Blue AP when he makes a match

    Okoye has Agent Carter for +10 red match damage

    Grocket has a rank 2 Milano for the synergy perk. 

    And those are all the characters I use right now. Lol. 

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    I use 3 main supports...

    My "go-to" PVE team without essentials is Okoye-Medusa-3Thanos, so, I use:

    3-star Royal Talon Fighter for Okoye - bonus TU AP, lower power costs, occasional AOE damage (which is further boosted by Okoye black), no need to further detail how great this Support is.

    4-star Korg for Medusa - 213 bonus power damage to Villains means that Medusa's damage goes up by 213 every single turn in villain-focused PVE events. 57% chance to start the battle with 3 Yellow AP, this yellow is used by Okoye to heal & generate TU AP after a yellow match or two.

    2-star Corvus Glaive for Thanos - 11% chance to fortify a tile and deal 700 damage. The kicker here is that the damage proc is boosted by Okoye black. It's not unusual for this to trigger while sitting on a bunch of TU AP, it deals thousands of damage and kills the target, then Thanos black (also Okoye boosted) fires and the enemy team is mostly dead and I haven't even made my move that turn yet.

    The RTF is a game-changer, the other 2 supports are just nice supplements with somewhat sporadic usefulness. I would guess that, on average, these supports shave 2-3 minutes off a typical PVE clear for me which is significant.
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    5* Element Guns on Kitty - Fortification, occasional Attack tiles, match damage buffs.

    4* Sharon Carter on Okoye - +90 to Red Damage to tank over Thor

    4* Yaro Root on 5*Thor - Chance to start with 5 Green AP. End of conversation.

    4* Wong on 5* Dr Strange - More health on this guy is what he craves

    3* Corvus Glaive on 5* Thanos - Chance to poke someone to death with Gritty

    4* Kimoyo Beads on 4*Gamora - Extra Blue for extra Stuns

    4* Shuri's Lab on 4*Blade - Chances for extra Red, fortifying, no downsides really

    3* Milano on 4*Grocket - Gritty enjoys all the benefits.

    2* Avengers Tower on IM40 - If I'm using him, more yellow helps, and more red doesn't hurt.

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    24/48 and i use none of them

    I also have over 1 million red iso that I wish i convert into regular ISO
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    3* Wong (150) on 3* Dr Strange is the only one that sees use.

    I levelled up a 3* Hydra henchmen just because it was my only 3* at the time. Wasn't the wisest way to spend Riso.
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    My basic strategy is for every champed (or near-champed) 5-star character to have a support. Once I have a usable 5-star, I look through my supports to see which one might benefit them in some way, pump some RISO into it, and then leave it on them in perpetuity.

    I also looked at my roster and selected a handful of other characters I commonly use in PvE. Characters like R&G, Strange, Chavez, etc. If a support can help them, I do the same as above.
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    I have multiple, but the ones that probably get the most use are:

    Rank 3 Chewie at level 150 on Okoye -- 38% chance to creates strength 283 attack tiles when she makes a match, and 12.5% to remove enemy tiles when firing a friendly power. I don't have the royal talon fighter...

    Rank 2 Lucky at level 100 on 5Thor -- reduces enemy power damage by 225, and gives a 33% chance to (true-)heal for 487 health when matching a friendly special tile.

    I often run Okoye together with Thor, and this combo has a nice synergy. Okoye spends a lot of time in front so she creates attack tiles frequently. But there will be times when Thor eats team damage, or has to be put in front (usually on green...). Any damage he sustains that way can be micro-healed back to near half health with this setup. And if he heals too much, just put him in front on purpose for a bit, or put Thanos on the team for a round.

    3* Wong (150) on 3* Dr Strange is the only one that sees use.

    I levelled up a 3* Hydra henchmen just because it was my only 3* at the time. Wasn't the wisest way to spend Riso.
    In my opinion, the Hydra one is not the worst support to spend ISO on. It has a pretty useful rank 1 perk (chance of passively fortifying friendly special tile at the start of turn).
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 694 Critical Contributor
    These are my most used supports:

    1.) Vintage Shield **** (level 200) equipped to Kitty Pryde. 1.4k extra health and a 62% chance to gain 3 yellow AP at the beginning of a battle.

    2.) Milano **** (level 175) equipped to Rocket & Groot. 51% chance to gain 3 black AP, 55% to gain 3 purple AP and a CD which can cause huge damage. One of my best supports so far. 

    3.) Atlantis **** (level 175) equipped to Thor. 1.3k extra damage against enemies and a 60% cance to start the battle with 5 green AP suits our favourite God of Thunder really well.

    4.) Royal Talon Fighter *** (level 150) equipped to Okoye. 27% chance to gain an extra Team-Up AP, when you're matching Team-Up tiles and a 16% chance to deal 1.2k team damage, when you're firing a power. Furthermore Okoye gets a cost reduction for every 5 Team-Up AP she has. A great support!

    5.) Yaro Root *** (level 150) equipped to Black Bolt. 54% chance to gain 5 green AP at the beginning of a battle.

    6.) Quantum Realm *** (level 100) equipped to Thanos. 35% chance to start with 5 purple AP. Complements Grocket's Milano perfectly. 
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