Supports: death by 1,000 1*

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This is to add to the excellent post ...

Can we at least allow beginner supports to accumulate the strength of a support, in the way that covers already do?

For example: every time I get a beginner support for (say) Korg, it would increase Korg's rank, rather than being converted into RISO that I'll never be able to use because I can't otherwise increase Korg's level, ever.

This would be a small change that it seems like would reap huge benefits to the community, no?

Thank you!


  • DeNappa
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    Support tokens are kinda useless now. Over half of the supports aren't even in the tokens right now. Also, the 'duplicate support = bonus RISO' is kind of useless now that the normal flow of RISO has increased.

    I'm still in favor of some kind of leveling system that will replace the 'duplicate covers' feature.

    For example:
    Each support pull will give you an amount of points. A level 1 pull = 1 point, level 2 = 5 pts, level 3 = 25 pts, level 4 = 250 pts, level 5 = 1000 pts. In addition, you unlock the corresponding level at that points amount. (Points values used here are just as example).

    That means if you pull a new 1* support, it will gain you 1 points in that support and only unlock level 1. But if you pull 4 more 1*s of that support, you end up with a total of 5 points and unlock level 2.