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    For the record, the devs have stated (on Discord) that they tweak MMR without ever informing us. I don’t know how often, how it works, etc but they said they make small changes and don’t feel it’s worthwhile to mention it.

    And they obviously intentionally leave it vague and undefined because they don’t want people to just use mmr to guide their roster growth.

    I think the last time MMR was even mentioned on the forum by devs was possibly when they changed the weighting of 5’s to not automatically shove you up into a higher mmr if you pulled a single cover 5 and never leveled them.

    One player who relatively recently champed his first 4 reported that just having one champed made him mostly see lots of dual champed boosted 4’s, which isn’t what people expected to happen.

    We literally have no idea what they are doing or have done with MMR in the past year or two, we just have observations.
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    OJSP said:
    jamesh said:
    I thought the MMR generally ignored the weekly boosts. 
    That’s right. Otherwise, no 5* teams can find my 4* teams in SHIELD Sim. In fact, because my team usually has one or 2 with lvl 350+, those with 2 5*s can find me easily from 0.

    However, in a way, Bowgentle was also correct. The 4* would be around lvl 450 when they are boosted. I couldn’t remember when exactly they reach that level, so I put a range of levels as an estimate.

    I’m guessing justsing is actually right there at the crossline. Your lvl 327 is counted as one championed 5*, while the lvl 325 is still counted as a 4*. That’s why you could queue single championed 5*s below 900.

    Let us know what happens if that lvl 325 becomes 326. I’m guessing you will start seeing double championed 5*s a lot sooner.
    Top five 4* champs are now levels 328, 326, 323, 323, and 322 (for more details, see updated roster in signature). Still mostly seeing 4* champs, leveled unchamped 5*s, and single 5* champs until I get to 900+.
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