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  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,655 Chairperson of the Boards
    There is almost certainly a contingent of folks who use him simply because they have him. Every 5* is somebody's only 5* champ most likely.

    BlackBoltRocks was telling me on the side they have been running GE Doom/Jessica Jones/Fi5k with good results, but I haven't seen anyone fielding this particular team anywhere in my simulator travels. I could probably attempt this team, I have those 3 characters with 12/9/11 covers respectively, i just haven't sunk any iso into Doom or Fi5k
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 443 Mover and Shaker
    Kingpin could be improved there's little debate there, but I've been having good success when he is paired with 5* Carol. She earns free green from her repeater, and KP's green is actually quite good. It's fortified and a 2-turn damage dealer of around 8500.
    The problem is usually surrounding KP's blue, and certainly his black. Now, with Carol she is usually creating strike tiles with little effort from her red repeater (yes it's easy to keep safe for a while when played correctly). KP's blue hits pretty hard and gives away one of his small attack tiles ideally, or one of Carol's strikes if you need to. This should steal enemy red AP so you can quickly play another of Carol's red repeaters. 
    Any purple-black user fits in here, and Goblin is an ideal candidate since he will fortify all of these repeaters. This is not a scary team to face, but things can easily get out of hand against you. 
    As stated, Jessica or Doom could easily be the better black user and you could forgo the purple.
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,511 Chairperson of the Boards
    The only time I use my champed Kingpin is when I pair him with 5Widow, for a full rainbow, to clear the three PvE easy nodes. Even then, he's just there to soak damage from Court Death so I don't have to use health packs on my characters who are actually effective.

    And the only reason I have a champed Kingpin is because he happened to be there when I pulled a hoard for Kitty.
  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    Kingpin finally has a good partner; 5* Carnage. Try it out if possible.
  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 437 Mover and Shaker
    5* Carol 5/5/3
    Fatpin 5/3/5
    5*Carnage 3/5/5

    It works and there’s surprising synchronicity. I have them all champed at 451 and here’s how it goes.....

    Carnage is the mvp of this team. I can not overstate how great his extra match is. That AP will be needed 9 out of 10 times (unless it matches purple). His green is the team’s strongest color so everytime you fire off Forced Hand, you getting up to 5 more green AP which fuels 2 important powers: Break Their Will and Event Horizon. 

    You’re going to find yourself with a lot of green AP. So you fire off Break Their Will and every 2 turns, you’re dealing about 8000+ damage. If you enough AP for another one, wait so they’re firing on alternating turns. But if you need to do immediate damage, fire Event Horizon. At lvl 5, it’ll immediately hit for 6600+ Tile damage.

    Speaking of Carol, her Mean Right Hook is another repeater you want to fire early to get more repeater damage popping off. But later on, you want to fire off Carnage’s cheap red power for immediate damage. 

    This is weird team that works. Not top tier by any means but it’ll take down a thorkoyeX team down with ease. Of course the biggest problem with this team is your team will be taking damage from opposing attack tiles and all your heals are bursts.
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 443 Mover and Shaker
    Glockoma said:
    Kingpin finally has a good partner; 5* Carnage. Try it out if possible.
    I've enjoyed that duo in PvP, and have added fun 3rd's in SIM as well. 
    To agree with Tiger above, 5* Carol is great, even with the color overlap. 
    If you don't have her, but have a Champed 4* Venom, he is very fun to run with Carna5e & Kin5pin. Every single match, even the free turn, should produce an enemy protect tile from Venom, and his passive makes them worth just a value of 1. Thus you will almost always have the free turn for the duration of the match. His yellow hits hard for a 4* when there are lots of enemy protect tiles out.
    Kingpin's green is very underrated by the player base, I've mentioned that a few times in this thread, but he still gets no respect lol.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,655 Chairperson of the Boards
    I just champed my Fi5k, so I'm on the hunt for teams.

    Some things that seem desirable in a partner: a blue or green battery, a damage accelerator, someone who plays AP games on the opponent, a generator of trivial friendly SAP tiles

    Blue/Green batteries: top tier is BRB, but his active blue and green are superior to Fi5k, so what's the point?

    Danver5 - I don't have a good one, so it's hard to evaluate. posts above indicate she's better than she seems.

    Gladiator Thor: He's a good green battery, but champ to champ why you'd not just use Thor's green i'm not sure. and if you're running Thor, you're likely running Okoye, so I guess he's a fine meat shield to tank for thor here.

    Carbage: He's pretty solid with Fi5k, and the second turn you get from the tile spam is a decent AP accelerant. You'll always have something to allow you to use Kingpin's blue, and his green is generally better than Carbage's.

    Damage Accelerator - Okoye seems obvious, but I bet Apocalypse will be strong here on all fronts. Kitty seems dangerous, since you'll be donating any friendly specials you have around

    I'm also curious about Yelena and her AP games.

    I tried Sinister for AP pool management, but I just wanted to use his blue instead. I don't have so many 5* champs that he is just another drop in the bucket for me, but so far he doesn't seem like the pointiest tool even in my limited arsenal.
  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    5* Carnage and Fisk are a good pairing. But , unfortunately, BRB is better. Shame.
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