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Thinking of Quitting MPQ

LemmikLemmik Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
     Anyone else a long time player thinking of leaving the game?   I have played this game 1216 days in a row now and have given it a fair amount of money. I am not a big spender but I have given the game over a $100 to support it over the years. The game is even burned into my cellphone screen and can see it when I am on a white page. But I think I am going to quit soon. It is frustrating when you open 12 Latest Legends covers and do not get a single 5* character or a single 4* character that has been released in the last 6 months. The drop rates are ridiculously low and it is almost impossible to get latest 4* covers and there is no way to become a casual player. it has become a chore that I need to play multiple hours a day just to get tokens to try to complete characters but the covers i get always end up being useless. D3 is failing at making the game better. Costumes was just a ploy to get people to spend money as you could only buy them and they do nothing. Supports are annoying as you get the same ones over and over again and when you max them you cannot even take them up to the next level. I hate to throw the money I spent on this game away but I am having a hard time finding a reason to stay. I like playing the game as you can see I have stayed playing for so long but getting to the point where 95% of the covers I get do not help me move forward the game as my 3* characters are mostly maxed champions so they only give me ISO.  This game  has just become too frustrating.   
     They could make the game better for long time players by doing a few things.  1 when you heart a character that increases your chances of pulling that character not just the bonus drops as they do not happen often.  2 if a 3 or 4 star characters is championed and maxed you get a Command point for them not just ISO's. 3 Allow multiple Standard and Elite tokens be traded up to Heroic boxes. 4 Latest Legends you give you increased changes at newer 4* characters not just 5* you are paying a premium to get the newer characters. 5 if you save up 10 Latest Legends Tokens you are guaranteed at least 1 5* character. 6 Give an option to complete stories without competition to other players or have a Random battle section that gives you random rewards.  This will give people a way to play causally without having to grid out battles over and over again.  Finally i would change the points system or drop the # of battles from 6 to 3 or 4. The game was more fun when you worked your way through the story before going back later to do it again once the points were up.  Now you need to do 4 battles before you move on to the next battle or you are punished by not getting higher points later on when you do 5th and 6th battles.
     Maybe I will take time off for the holidays and feel different but i feel sad to no longer enjoy I game I loved so much.


  • BigtoneBigtone Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    I've been thinking same thing. With my new work schedule. I just can't play like I use to. Its been exactly 2 years yesterday that I've started. Like you say, it feels like a chore now. I've invested so much time and some money, I'd hate to do it, but I am thinking about as well.
  • BowgentleBowgentle Posts: 4,843 Chairperson of the Boards
    Game's not going to change.
    Just quit.
  • 0_efx_00_efx_0 Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
    I agree with everything you say Lemmik! I’m at Day 943 and my resolution will be to quit this chore that gives no reward.
  • captainheathcaptainheath Posts: 61 Match Maker
    I'm the same at day 1725.  Staleness is taking over when there is nothing to pull for and no new ways to play.  

    I really miss the Crash in the early days.  Trying to beat it with just a few covers was fun.  

    Now, most of the play is just using the same handful of characters time and time again in events that are all similar.

    Even pulling a 5 is not as exciting since you know just one will not change your game much.
  • dlegendary0nedlegendary0ne Posts: 86 Match Maker
    I understand completely.  Day 1180 here and I quit a few weeks ago for many of the same reasons.  The biggest was amount of time I had to put into pve to stay competitive and the fact that there's no flexibility.  If you fall asleep or get interrupted or just need a short break, you and your alliance suffer for it.  The margin for error is pretty much nonexistent, and optimal play barely got me top 10. It got to the point where I was forcing myself to play  so I stopped   It sucks because I'm going to miss out on progressing my almost post-iso roster, but for me it's not worth it to stay.  Hopefully the devs will fix these issues, but I'm done until then. 
  • damongoosedamongoose Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    I'm right around day 1200 and have had similar feelings a number of times, in fact I took a 2 month break from the game and just did DPD during that time, best thing I could have done for myself. when i came back I took it really slowly for another couple of months and actually found that I was enjoying the game again a lot more.
  • BorstockBorstock Posts: 1,069 Chairperson of the Boards
    Nah, I'm happy. It could certainly use an update, but I play a match game like this to turn my brain off. I really don't need it to get super complicated or anything. 
  • shardwickshardwick Posts: 1,055 Chairperson of the Boards
    I've seen so many people quit the game. Hell I quit it earlier this year for a few months before coming back but am also getting a bit bored of it. My personal endgame when I started was to finish the 4* tier and I'm almost at 50 champed 4s. Probably give it about six months and see if they do anything big but I doubt they will.
  • Shintok17Shintok17 Posts: 606 Critical Contributor
    OMG. Thanks OP for making me feel better. I thought I was the only one who's game is burned into the background of the phone. I also play a lot. It has become a daily routine for me to play the game constantly when I have time. For some reason as monotonous as it is to repeat the same thing everyday I can't stop playing. I'm not at the quitting point yet, but once it becomes a second job instead of fun it's time to go.
  • Uncle_FreddyUncle_Freddy Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    Just my 2 cents here: I felt the same. Day 1370ish now, but I took a year and a half break where I didn't even log into the game for the most part (sometimes a match in DDQ, most times nothing). Sometimes it's worth it to walk away for a while. Walk away for a bit. It's not like you'll lose all progress if you come back later!

  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 798 Critical Contributor
    Lemmik said:
         and do not get a single 5* character or a single 4* character that has been released in the last 6 months.
    Different experience to me, I don't have issues covering the latest 4s from progression rewards although it's always the bottom two colours first. After that LT draws for 4*s are the same dilution for all, I have as much issue getting older fours as the newer ones.
  • rg72rg72 Posts: 98 Match Maker
    Day 1633 here and boredom has definitely set in. Just playing for progression when I can be bothered. Its just so stale. At least the boss events are a few days of 'fun'.
  • captainheathcaptainheath Posts: 61 Match Maker
    I agree.  The boss events are more fun than playing the same PVE's over and over again.
  • Screen MonkeyScreen Monkey Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
    More Events, more variety.
  • SymmeTreySymmeTrey Posts: 167 Tile Toppler
    edited December 2018
    If the game feels like a chore, give yourself a break. Maybe you will get the itch to return. Maybe you will find you don’t miss it at all and move on. Maybe take a long break and there will be some new stuff when you return. I quit for over 2 years at one point and have had much more fun when I returned. Being on the bleeding edge of all the new content as it comes
    out (as many high achieving vets are) can lead to boredom and vet burnout in any game. But, bottom line, play if it’s still fun, give yourself a break if it’s not. 
  • UnsmashableTimUnsmashableTim Posts: 60 Match Maker
    Day 14411 here. I'm torn on my opinion here. I have literally spent thousands since the beginning and I get frustrated too. Either though lack of iso, lack of five star pulls, seeing the same opponents, the inability to get supports or whatever else is or isn't happening like I want it to. 
    I guess for me, if the game wasntw challenging, didn't change or push me, it'd get boring and I do feel triumphant every time i get over whatever hump is irk in me.

    Bottom line, I dont think I'll stop no matter how frustrating it gets, but if I do, I won't waste my time complaining and illI just leave realizing I had a lot of fun
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 2,443 Chairperson of the Boards
    If your 3 is at 266, sell, or start a dupe.  It’s silly to convert all your 3’s to 500 iso.  There may be a couple you keep at 266, but most can be sold as soon as their pvp ends and you’ll be ready with a new champ by the next one.

    The only way to really “beat” the 5* RNG is with more pulls.  So the sooner you turn 3’s into champ reward engines again, the better.

    If you’re not in a good ally that you enjoy beyond rewards, find one.  That’s half (maybe most) of the fun.

    Mini breaks can help a lot, as well.  PVE is an insane grind with brutal time requirements if you want top placement, but usually just clearing 6x per node will get you T50.  Play casual or skip every few events.  Given the insane dilution, super long boost cycle, and year + cycle of 4* essential rotation (beyond the latest 3), not getting a Venom cover (for example) will really make no difference to your play.

    If none of that helps or matters:

    To echo comments before, your past time and money are gone. It’s up to you if your future time and money should still be spent on the game.  Maybe take a look at where you are right now and what progress you can reasonably expect in the near future and ask yourself if spending time and money chasing that appeals to you, or if something else sounds more fun.

    You may be tied to your roster and progress, but look around at other games.  Many get shut down without much notice (maybe a few weeks).  So, presumably at some point, your roster will effectively disappear or only be useful for repeating pve events.  At least leaving before then allows you to define when it happens.
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