How do you get higher supports?

I know this is a silly question and I am sure it has been covered somewhere on the forums (I can't find it, but if somebody could point me in the correct direction that would be great)

I have Shuri's lab support level 3 and I just maxed it out to 150/150. My question is how do I get that support up to level 4?

The impression I had was that once I maxed level three, the support would roll over to level 4, I now know that is not the case. Is the only way to get a level 4 or 5 support (if you own level 3) is to pull one?

Also, if I do pull a level 4 support, do the previous 150 I already have in level 3 carry over to level 4 (or 5)?


  • broll
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    You have pull a 4 or 5 from the impossible to get tokens.  Good luck!
  • Felonius
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    broll said:
    You have pull a 4 or 5 from the impossible to get tokens.  Good luck!
    And that's probably one of the biggest SUCKS when it comes to Supports.  There's no way to get all the item's powers without RNGesus' blessing.
  • HoundofShadow
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    For Rank 4 Support, you can pull it from Advanced or Master Support Token.

    For Rank 5 Support, you can pull it only from Master Support Token.

    For majority of the supports, you can only pull it. There have been some exceptions like Infinity Stone or Taskmaster Sword, which you can earn it from placement in season.

    If you pull a support with a higher rank than your current support, the level get carried over. Think of getting a higher Rank support as unlocking the next perks (if any) and increasing the level limit by another 50 level or more.

  • DigitHAL9000
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    I have to check better when it will happen again, but could it be possible that picking a support that's raised to max level makes you unlock higher level?
    It happened to me with Milano spaceship I had 1*, i raised to level 50 and picked it again and it unlocked next feature.
    But I was almost unaware of it, so I should try something like that again to test it.
  • DeNappa
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    No. You probably just pulled a level 2 support around that time.
  • The_Boi_of_Steel
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    I’m still new at this, and even to these forums.  Most of them are still on level 1.  I’m kind of at a loss on how to raise it to level 2.  Like Palookaville, I thought once I got it completed, it would automatically raise.  I’m seeing that’s not the case.  I’m guessing there’s another support “card” I need to get to raise it?  If I guessed right, that pretty much sucks.  It’s a bit confusing and for the amount of time I’ve been playing this game...a few months...I’m still figuring things out and finally “getting it”.  Sometimes by complete surprise where I didn’t see it before.
  • tupacboy
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    you have to just pull that level card... previous cards don''t mean anything... its super random... i barely have half of all supports of which i know i've pulled more duplicates then i have supports... 
  • The_Boi_of_Steel
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    Thanks, TupacBoy.  Much appreciated.  It’s incredibly stupid how they’re doing this.  I’ve got almost 60,000 red isos.  I guess they’re waiting for me to buy supports in order to use the red isos.  I get that they’re in this business to make money, but if they rely too heavily on people buying everything in order to go to higher levels, they’ll be in shock once we stop paying and playing altogether.
  • Nomad400
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    Unfortunately, there is currently an utter and complete lack of support for Supports.

    They used to create a new Support whenever they released a new character.  They no longer do this.  Kraven, Namor, Prowler, 5*Loki, 5* Doom, Kitty, Shuri and BP all got them, but they didn't create any new Supports for any of the most recent releases, meaning Hammond, Spider Miguel, Capt Worthy, Juggernaut, or Wolfsbane.

    In addition, they've simply stopped providing any means whatsoever to get Advanced or Master Support tokens.  At all.  You can get Beginner tokens in event vaults and rarely in a Heroes for Hire pack.  But not in the Taco vault, not by character progression rewards, not in SHIELD resupply, not in VIP rewards, and not in event progression.  And you cannot buy any level of Support token with any other in- or out-of-game currency.  Meaning you can't use HP, CP, ISO, Red-ISO or even good ol' cash to buy them.

    Beginner tokens have a 1:50 chance of pulling a 4* Support card.  But only from a limited list of 15 Supports.  Want a Flerken or Pizza Dog?  Nope, not currently available in the Beginner Token pulls.  My understanding is that they rotate those, but I do not know when or how often.

    Oh, and you can't currently get a 5*Support power at all (to clarify, I'm referring to the 5th level of power of a Support, not a Support for a 5* character.) Those are only available from an Advanced or Master Token which you can't get.

    So, abandon all hope, ye who enter into the Support chase.  Be happy to get the occasional Beginner token, use all of your Red ISO to level up the Supports that you can use effectively, and focus on other parts of the game.
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    Just voicing my disappointment at the lack of support for supports.  I do not understand why they created this very nice feature and then appear to have abandoned it.  Why did they take away the support event?  I liked it. Why did they make it  impossible to get Advance or Master Tokens?  As far as I can tell, these were never available unless perhaps you are a PVPer, which I am not.  What is the point of continually awarding red ISO if there is nothing to spend it on once you've max'ed all your capped supports?  There seems to be no way of increasing the cap level.  So frustrating!  Sheesh!
  • Supermike
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    This seems to be a pretty common theme with MPQ.  Introduce a feature (which was probably one person's brainchild) and then let them run it out for a bit and when they get bored of supporting it, they just let it go quiet.  Supports were a good idea and a great option for changing up the game, but now the only way to get a decent support token is to make T25 in PvP at higher SCLs. When's the last time a new support was added?  I wasn't in love with the Support Circut event, but I'd be happy to see it join the rotation of normal PvEs or add a node to DDQ for a random support token like the LL token that only can only be cleared once per rotation (sweet/salty).  The fact that they are not making tokens readily available means they have no plans to fix this issue.  
  • bluspiritseeker
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    I would love the opportunity to work on developing supports more, especially after the introduction of SCL10. There is barely a way to upgrade them, anymore, except for the highly unlikely chance at pulling something from a vault. Even when I have, I haven't upgraded perks in a very long time; only dup supports giving me more red ISO, which nice, but I'd like more ability to upgrade what I have and get those I want, that I don't yet.
  • welbot
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    Agree with all. Tokens too rare/impossible to get, and every time you do, you pull some low level duplicate and end up with useless upgrade gems because I've maxed out all the ones I have. I've been playing this a looong time (I've got 5016 hours logged in steam  :D ) And I only have two thirds of the available supporrts, and none of them are 5* yet. Hell, only got like 5 4*.. would be nice if when you pulled one you've maxed out, you could level it up instead. Why are they so rare? Only usable in PvE, so it's not like they're going to make it unfair on any players to have them.. So dumb...