How do you get higher supports?

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I know this is a silly question and I am sure it has been covered somewhere on the forums (I can't find it, but if somebody could point me in the correct direction that would be great)

I have Shuri's lab support level 3 and I just maxed it out to 150/150. My question is how do I get that support up to level 4?

The impression I had was that once I maxed level three, the support would roll over to level 4, I now know that is not the case. Is the only way to get a level 4 or 5 support (if you own level 3) is to pull one?

Also, if I do pull a level 4 support, do the previous 150 I already have in level 3 carry over to level 4 (or 5)?


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    You have pull a 4 or 5 from the impossible to get tokens.  Good luck!
  • FeloniusFelonius Posts: 289 Mover and Shaker
    broll said:
    You have pull a 4 or 5 from the impossible to get tokens.  Good luck!
    And that's probably one of the biggest SUCKS when it comes to Supports.  There's no way to get all the item's powers without RNGesus' blessing.
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 1,743 Chairperson of the Boards
    For Rank 4 Support, you can pull it from Advanced or Master Support Token.

    For Rank 5 Support, you can pull it only from Master Support Token.

    For majority of the supports, you can only pull it. There have been some exceptions like Infinity Stone or Taskmaster Sword, which you can earn it from placement in season.

    If you pull a support with a higher rank than your current support, the level get carried over. Think of getting a higher Rank support as unlocking the next perks (if any) and increasing the level limit by another 50 level or more.

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    I have to check better when it will happen again, but could it be possible that picking a support that's raised to max level makes you unlock higher level?
    It happened to me with Milano spaceship I had 1*, i raised to level 50 and picked it again and it unlocked next feature.
    But I was almost unaware of it, so I should try something like that again to test it.
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 889 Critical Contributor
    No. You probably just pulled a level 2 support around that time.
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