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Cannot load after latest update

MelacMelac Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
Ever since I got the latest update (R163) whenever I start the game I get the normal loading screen on start, it reaches 100%, and then I just get a black screen with expanding character logos. And it never gets past that point.

Is this only affecting me, or are there more people with this issue?

Sucks that it looks like this issue will mean I can't get Taskmaster. Really sucks that it might just be that the game has finally been "upgraded" beyond the limits of my ancient phone.


  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 919 Critical Contributor

    It sounds like you are experiencing the same issue as these others players https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/75011/game-completely-unresponsive-investigating#latest

    Here is the workaround that we are recommending:

    - Launch the game.
    - When the game displays the message "Logging in to Google Play", press the back button on your device two times. 
    - You should now receive the message "Error Connecting to Google Play". Press the "Continue" button, and the application should proceed to load normally.

    When using this workaround, if you play on multiple devices, it is recommended that you allow at least 10 to 30 minutes of play in order for the application to trigger a save before attempting to switch devices. 
  • MelacMelac Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    Many thanks, this seems to work!
  • PhateusPhateus Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    My problem was similar but more complicated, so I thought I would share my solution in case someone else is having the same issue.  MPQ wouldn't load for me, but it wasn't even showing the "logging into google" part, so I couldn't use the above solution.  Instead, I uninstalled the updates for Google Play Games and then updated it again.  This didn't fix the problem, so I uninstalled the updates for Google Play Services and then updated that.  Not sure if doing that just for Google Play Services would work, or if it was necessary to do both.

    (On Android) To do this, go to settings, application manager, then the app (Google Play Services), then "uninstall updates.  Then try to launch MPQ.  It will give you an error message saying it needs the latest version of Google Play and asks if you want to update it.  Tell it to update. 

    Then when you try to launch MPQ, hopefully it will get you to the screen where it tries to connect to Google Play Games and you can use the above solution.  I assume that means my game is not getting backed up, though, so hopefully, the issue will get resolved soon so that Google Play Games will play nice with MPQ again.
  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 919 Critical Contributor
    Thank you for providing that information. I will relay it to the team. 
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