**** Ghost (Quantum Thief) ****



  • mega ghost
    mega ghost Posts: 1,154 Chairperson of the Boards
    My Ghost is at 11/13 and I can't wait to get her finished and champed. She's my BH, but for whatever reason I have not pulled a single 4* BH since early July despite pulling 1-3 4*s a day in either LTs or 20CP pulls.
  • Bubba3210
    Bubba3210 Posts: 244 Tile Toppler
    I added the Destroyer support for even more damage to purple. She’s punched out Ragnarok in three or four moves without firing any powers. There’s not a better feeling than that.
  • BlackBoltRocks
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    @fight4thedream Just wondering if you could do likewise for Kitty Pryde? There are a lot of great discussions about her in her release thread, especially to do with her Purple power and how it works. In contrast, her Character Details thread is, well, threadbare.

    It'd also be great if we could do this (the merging) for all future characters going forward, because I note that, like Kitty, there are a lot of great discussions in their release threads, but comparatively fewer in their actual Character Details thread. :#
  • fight4thedream
    fight4thedream GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,864 Chairperson of the Boards
    @BlackBoltRocks That's a good point. I will have to discuss it with @Brigby first but it's definitely a great idea worth championing! (no pun intended). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 
  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 1,455 Chairperson of the Boards
    I have 9 covers for Ghost (3/4/2) and I can't wait to champ her. She's awesome! I struggled for a while between Ghost, Valkyrie, and Nico. Settled on Ghost for the time being.