About ISO-8 and Hero Points

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Guys, I need help. I am a newbie so I don't have much experience in this game. However, I have like a mountain full of ISO-8 (probably 700,000 ISO-8) since a lot of my friends keep sending me ISO and ISO everyday (they recommended this game for me).
But I don't have much HP to begin with, the game gives about 100 HP at the beginning and I've used all of them in slots.

I really need help on farming HP and using ISO to start boosting up to my friends without spending money.
Any recommendation comment below, thanks. 


  • jamesh
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    In the grand scheme of things, that's a fairly small amount of iso (close to enough to champion two 4* characters).  You'll eventually hit a point where you're always chasing iso and have more HP than you know what to do with.

    You're doing the right thing in spending your HP on roster slots, since that gives you a permanent improvement (even if you sell a character, you keep the slot).  If you aren't already, the easiest way to gain HP is to roster all the 2* characters, level them up to 94 and champion them.  Any extra covers you get can be applied as champion levels that give you HP, CP, heroic tokens, 3* covers, and an equivalent amount of iso as you'd get for selling those covers.

    When you they reach level 144, the sell back price increases to almost as much as it costs to bring a 2* character to level 94 again, so you can sell them and start again.  All up, you'll get 375 HP each time you recycle a character, so they quickly pay for their own roster slots and give you more HP to expand.
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    I'd also note that ISO availability comes and goes in waves. There will be periods when you're mostly just using covers to add levels to champed characters, and ISO will be piling up and spilling all over the place, and then you'll get back to leveling characters again, and it all just disappears. The numbers involved seemed unreal when I was at your point in the game, but over the course of a few weeks, I recently went from something like 2.3 million ISO, to my current total of 76. Not 76K or anything, just 76.

    Keep playing as much as you can, and the resources will come in. Don't worry about selling a cover here or there, they will come around again. And believe it or not at this point, you'll actually end up with surplus HP long before you hit the final realm of surplus ISO.
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    This may go without saying, but play as much as you can to get the HP rewards. With the wins system, you can get HP by getting 10 wins in every regular versus event.

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    Let the ISO pile up. I know 700k seems like a lot to you right now, but it's a drop in the bucket of what you'll eventually need/use. This is one of the most common pitfalls newer players will fall into - thinking that they'll always be swimming in a surplus of ISO. They then use their excess ISO to level characters who are not ready to use (low-covered 4-stars and 5-stars) because it seems like a good idea. It is not. The best use of ISO is to go tier by tier. Champ all the 2-stars. Then champ all the 3-stars. Then start working on your 4s... etc. You will run out of ISO somewhere in the 3-star tier and then you will be ISO-starved for a long time.

    As for HP, there really isn't a more valuable resource for a new player. Roster slots will increase in price and cap out at 1000HP per slot. There are currently 165 characters in the game with a new one being released every 2 weeks. Without spending any money on HP it's going to take you a long time to open enough slots to roster everyone. In the meantime, you'll have to make sacrifices of who to keep and who you can't afford to roster. Use your friends and these forums to learn which characters are top-tier and which ones are worth letting go. Don't spend your HP on anything other than roster slots.

    Sources of HP:
    PvP and PvE progression rewards - you can view an event's rewards and what it takes to obtain each level of reward. PvE (story events) should be obtainable as long as you are playing at an appropriate Shield Clearance Level (SCL). There is also HP in the final placement rewards once an event ends.

    Champ Rewards - @jamesh spelled it out for you above in his advice about farming 2-star characters. It's excellent advice and you should heed it. Farming 2-stars will become your primary source of HP. Not only do you get HP in the process of max-champing, you get 125 HP for selling the max-champed character before starting a new one.

    VIP and Intercepts - You mentioned not spending, but if your situation changes and you're able to put a little money into the game there are two very worthwhile ways to do so. The first is VIP which does reward roughly 200HP a week. The other option is to spend $1.99 on 200 HP once a month. Either of these things will cause you to start getting SHIELD Intercepts in PvE and/or DDQ, which have random rewards (Including HP) after beating nodes. Spending any amount of money will give you 30 days of Intercepts.

    DDQ - there is 10 HP every day in Deadpool's Daily Quests depending on how far you can go.