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Ghost (Quantum Thief) (7/9/18)



  • jameshjamesh Posts: 1,183 Chairperson of the Boards
    Vhailorx said:
    I think she is too expensive to be top tier.  A red battery would help, as would a purple battery. But there are no great purple + red batteries.  Good for transitioners (play her with im40 and/or switch). And totally viable with some teammates (IW, 4* widow, etc).  Probably fun to play when boosted. I don't think she will dethrone the current top 4*s.
    Her blue passive gives you your red battery.  And the new support they've just released gives a chance of starting with 6 purple AP, which would help you go invisible quicker and in turn get you closer to firing the red with bonus damage.

    Ghost + Quantum Realm looks like a significantly better character than Ghost alone (even without a rank 5 version of the support), which makes you wonder if they toned her down so she wouldn't be overpowered with the support...
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