Wakanda Supports Are Coming! *Updated (5/17/18)



  • evade420
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    Interested to see the sats on some new supports.
    Wish the odds for a 5* support were higher , 1 in 29 in kinda steep
  • HoundofShadow
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    There are only 274 items accounted for in the vault, instead of 280.
  • dave7099
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    You guys realize they're terrible right?
  • Kahmon
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    There are only 274 items accounted for in the vault, instead of 280.
    Sadly, it's probably just 6 more 2*s.
  • HoundofShadow
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    I think it could be 6 x 50 Red iso-8 instead.
  • pfarewell
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    More supports. Yay. Please fix some of the problems in the game before everyone loses interest
  • LifeofAgony
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    Now we know why FFW was re-run so quickly now.  Needed the support tie-in.  Everything is revolving around supports.  Maddening.
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    I think it's at least possible that I might just be the most optimistic and positive person on this forum about Supports... and even I'm baffled by this announcement.

    I like Supports.  I think they're fun.  I'm not insanely competitive, I don't need to blow through each node at max speed to make top 5.  I like deciding which Support will go to the essential/loaner character for the events (right now Ragnarok has Cull Obsidian and Nico has the Vintage Shield) and I enjoy slowly - very slowly - making them stronger.

    I think most of the complaints about them sound like "They're not free and don't do an extra 10k damage so I hate them and also, why can't I have an Infinity Stone?"

    But this is just silly.  We get *five* new Supports?  We don't have enough Red Iso to maximize the value of the Supports that we already have.  If I do get a Maker Space for Shuri, or whatever, it will sit at Level 1 for many weeks until I finish leveling up Wong and my webshooters.  New toys are great, but if they're just going to sit in the box, who cares?

    I do not plan to spend money in the Pure Vibranium Vault when the odds suggest there's a 57% chance I'll get another dang 2* instead of a Support token.  I would LOVE to get more Support tokens, because, again, I think they are fun, but if you give us tokens as the penultimate award for progression, that will give us something to work toward!
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    Following myself up...  Honestly, if this vault was a 120-item vault with NO 2*s in it... I would spend a few hundred HP in it.  This one, sorry, it's like spending your coins in one of Deadpool's vaults.  Just poor financial planning, that.  I'll spend the tokens I earn, but no way I'm spending 200 HP in a taco vault!
  • ZootSax
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    Brigby said:
    Shuri Heroes for Hire Offer
    • Available to all players
    • Starts: Tuesday, 5/15 at 12pm EDT
    • Ends: Tuesday, 5/22 at 12pm EDT
    • Available in the Heroes for Hire store
    • 4,800 Hero Points
    • Maximum 1 purchase
    • Contents:
      • 1,500 Red Iso-8
      • Two Wakanda: Advanced Support tokens
      • Three Wakanda: Beginner Support tokens
      • Shuri (Master Engineer) Blue cover
    Unless the Wakanda supports are objectively better than the Black Order to a significant degree, the pricing makes little sense.  Here’s the HP deal from the Black Order:

    Heroes for Hire Offer - Thanos (Modern)

    Start: Thursday, 4/26 at 12pm EDT
    EndTuesday, 5/1 at 12pm EDT
    This offer is available to all players in the Heroes for Hire store. It costs 4,200 Hero Points, and has a maximum of 1 purchase.
    • 7,500 Iso-8
    • 4,000 Red Iso-8
    • 2x Black Order: Advanced Support tokens
    • 4x Black Order: Beginner Support tokens
    • 3x covers for Thanos (Modern) (One of each ability)
    That’s 600HP more for 2,500 less RIso, 7,500 less ISO and one fewer support token...and even though you're getting a 4* instead of 3x 3*’s, for a support release, getting fewer support-related items offered seems wrong.  I did the 3* + support bundles for Strange and Thanos, but this one i’ll likely pass on.  Admitted, my 5/1/2 Shuri is a factor, too...
  • Phumade
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    I'll probably by the 4800 hp offer.  Hp is easy enough to obtain that 5khp won't make a difference in shielding.  With that said,  Why spend in a vault that may not reappear?  If you don't pull a Rank 3 or better support,  you'll end up orphaned with a R1 , R2 support  that will never have an upgrade path?

    Personally,  I'd rather sell my wakanda supports and spend those tokens on the generic support page where I can make multiple pulls based on earned resources and not worry about getting supports aged out.


    If we don't redeem our wakanda tokens by event end,  will they revert back to generic support tokens?

  • jamesh
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    Phumade said:
    evohero said:
    250 CP for a 4-star cover and some support tokens? Is that right?
    I'd have considered the offer it was for 5* BP but not for the 4* variant @Brigby Can you confirm the 250cp offer is for the 4* black panther and not the 5* black panther?
    I suspect it really is the 4* Black Panther.  They'll presumably get some useful information by comparing buy rates on this offer compared to the 5* Thanos offer.

    I'm sure a number of people took up the Thanos offer because it was cheaper than the 720 CP to buy the cover outright.  In this case, the cover can be had for 120 CP, so people who take up the offer obviously place some value in the support tokens and red iso.  The amount of sales will help determine whether there is a market for support tokens at this price.

    With that said, these master support tokens look significantly worse than regular master support tokens: regular master tokens have a 10% chance of a rank 5 support, while these ones have about 3.5%.
  • Carnifexx
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    Man, this is just feces. I’m actually depressed for the first time in 1,500 days. It feels like being ignored. Supports are a chase for no real advantage. Thinking of moving on. 
  • HoundofShadow
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    If you remembered what the devs have said before regarding support... In no particular order and pardon me for not using quote correctly:

    I don't expect Supports will have a huge impact on top-end competitive PvE initially. Especially since it'll take some time for players to collect and level up Supports to a high level. But there are Perks that affect damage and would be relevant in situations where speed matters.
    We'll be introducing more Supports in the future, so players should have a variety of them available to utilize and strengthen as you progress through the game.
    This is a big change to the game, and it's possible that it could result in changes to the character schedule down the line. We're not in danger of running out of awesome Marvel characters any time soon, but part of what motivated this feature was thinking about what would let us continue to add exciting new things to the game for many years.
    Everyone with a 3* or better gets the same starter batch of Supports.

    Over time, though, folks with better rosters should have an easier time doing well in the ways that let you earn more Supports and strengthen them more quickly.
    We’ll also be experimenting with different ways to get Supports and Red Iso-8. 

  • mega ghost
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    Here's the thing though, the fact that they've offered insultingly bad deals around supports yet again leads me to believe that the previous offers were actually profitable for them. So I'm also very mad at the players that have taught them that this behavior is not only acceptable but have reinforced it financially.
  • fmftint
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    Phumade said:


    If we don't redeem our wakanda tokens by event end,  will they revert back to generic support tokens?

    As someone who hasn't cashed all their Black Order tokens, no. They will just sit there keeping their unique support store open
  • HoundofShadow
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    There exists players below 5* and 4*. The typical offer for 4* deal is 7600HP. Only whales or veterans can afford this kind of deal. Those in between 2* to 4* might not have excess HP to make this purchase. It's going to take many months of saving HP before a 3* or new 4* players can buy this deal. Again, they would rather use it to buy rostwr slots. However, 250CP can be saved in a month or less for most of the 3* or 4* players. So, I think I'm jumping on 4* BP deal.