Urgent rooster help needed please! Who to keep, who to let go?

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Hello all!
I have a bunch of covers expiring in a couple of days and suffering from total analysis paralysis...
Could someone wiser please look at my rooster (https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/DRosenberg/) and tell me who should I boot to make space and who should I recruit from the following:

Daredevil (3*, level 40, one cover)
Spiderman (3*, level 40, three covers)
Gamora (3*, level 40, three covers)
Captain Marvel (3*, level 40, three covers)
Storm (3*, level 40, one cover)
The Hood (3*, level 40, one cover)
Blade (3*, level 40, one cover)
Nightcrawler (4*, level 70, one cover)
Wolverine (4*, level 70, one cover)
Doctor Strange (3*, level 40, one cover)
Ragnarok (3*, level 40, one cover)

I have some HP that I can use to buy one more slot, and I have already booted a hero so have two empty spaces for sure. But I'm also aware that some of my roster could use a shake up, so open to suggestions in terms of kicking others out to make space for more heroes from the above list.
Any advice or suggestion would be much much appreciated! Thank you in advance! :)


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,783 Chairperson of the Boards
    3* Strange is an absolute keeper. One of the most important characters until you're solidly in 4* land. After that, I would prioritize Spidey, Captain Marvel, and Gamora/Blade. You can definitely let Ragnarok and 4* Wolverine go. The rest are more or less a matter of taste. I personally like 3* Storm a lot, but she's not the best.

    IM40 by himself is enough for the 1* node in DDQ, so you can ditch 1* Black Widow if you're not using her elsewhere. Of your single-cover 4*, the only ones I'd definitely keep are Gamora and Fist. Vulture would be a keeper with even one black, but with just a green, is kind of meh. PunMax could probably go, too. Of your 3*, Hulk and Psylocke can go, and, as much as it pains me to say it, so could Squirrel Girl if you really need the space.

    To avoid ending up in this situation in the future, don't use CP or Legendary Tokens. They're very likely to give you covers for characters you can't roster, and won't be able to use well for ages anyhow. Heroics, event tokens, and lower should be pretty safe.

    At this point, you should be focusing on filling out your 2* (The Champ Rewards really help give you a solid base for your 3* collection, plus a good HP income, so it is worth working on all of them), and building up your 3* (but don't level any of them past your Champ 2*)
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    Thank you so much, that is super-helpful! I have not used any CP or got any legendary tokens yet, been playing the game very casually/unassumingly, just for funs, but got more into it recently, so want to step up my game.
    You also just gave me the final push to get rid of 1* Widow, I only really kept her cause she won a lot of early games for me, sentimental... away she went. Same for Vulture - he was my first 4* cover, haven't been using it though.

    Should I, at this point recruit new 2* heroes at all (like Moonstone and Daken)? I've been getting so many covers for them, but I don't particularly like to play them, so always passed on them. Should I get them and level them up or not worth it anymore and should just stick to 3* from now on?

    Thank you so much again for the time and effort!!!!

  • jtsingsjtsings Posts: 268 Mover and Shaker
       I copied and pasted this a similar type post so hopefully this can be helpful for you too.  (Because the search features for these forums are imo not very helpful)

    1)  Make sure you only have 1 max champ in the 1* category.  Iron Man 35 or Juggernaut are usually the more popular choices.

    2)  If you haven't already, look at these posts so you can get an idea of what people say are the best 3* or 4* characters in the game.  https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/67654/all-the-different-character-rankings.

    3)  The way I used to manage my 4* covers is I would look at the DDQ schedule.  https://mpq.gamependium.com/ddq/  When a 4* was required in the Behemith Burrito, and I had the 3*, I would try to hold onto the character until they were required for that node.  Then discard it when it was no longer needed.

    4)  Take a look at the sneak peak section in the forum often to see which 4* is going to be required in upcoming PVE's.  https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/69833/mpq-sneak-peek-january-2018-edition-updated-1-24-18/p1.  You'll have a much easier time making full progression in PVE if you have the 4* required for the event and once that character is used, you will not need it for a long time to come, so you can probably get rid of it if it's not an overall useful character (an exception is with new release 4*s)

    5)  Any character that has a 3X chance of being pulled I would keep.  You're more likely to get more covers of characters like Nico, Rogue, & Rocket and Groot because you are more likely to pull more covers of them.
    (Hit info "?" on Heroic or Elite tokens to see which characters are currently at 3x odds.)

    6)  Don't pull any tokens like classic or latest legends that only give 4 or 5*s until you have most of your 3*s rostered.  Once you have more roster slots available you'll be able to start getting more covers through those tokens.
    DnnDrk said:

    Should I, at this point recruit new 2* heroes at all (like Moonstone and Daken)? I've been getting so many covers for them, but I don't particularly like to play them, so always passed on them. Should I get them and level them up or not worth it anymore and should just stick to 3* from now on?

       There is some disagreement amongst people on the forum about rostering all 2* right away or waiting till you have good 3*s and just keeping the essential useful 2*s for DDQ or regular game play but in my opinion you get so many more resources: CP, HP, 3* covers and heroic tokens from championing all of them, that I personally say "yes start rostering them all and keep max champing selling and rerostering them all the time".  The extra HP from champion rewards, especially, would often come just in time when I needed to have extra HP to buy a roster spot for an extra cover that was about ready to expire.  If you just sell cover you won't get any HP for it.

  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,783 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm kind of surprised by how many 4* you have if you haven't been pulling Legendaries. You've had some good pulls from your Heroics. Unfortunately, they're not actually that good at this stage of the game.

    At this point in the game, and from here up through basically when you have everyone rostered, HP are going to be your constant limiting factor. ISO will go through feast and famine periods, depending on whether you're mostly working on champed or unchamped characters at the moment, but you're going to be constantly in need of HP for some time to come. 2* Champ Rewards are one of the most reliable steady sources of HP income, with each one giving you 375 HP over the course of getting them to 144 and selling them off*.

    They also provide covers for a few of the important characters in 3* land. 2* Captain America is terrible, but he gives you covers for 3* Captain America, who was one of my go-tos all through the 3* tier. Along with him, I would say that 2* Wolverine, Storm, and Captain Marvel are the most important in laying the foundations for your 3* Roster, and everyone except Ares and Moonstone feeds someone who's at least decent. You can take a look at the characters rewarded for different Champs here.

    *This is actually related to another important point. Once you have multiple covers on a character, selling them is a pure loss compared to selling the covers as they came in, and if there more than a couple of covers on the character, and/or you've leveled them, it's an even bigger loss. The exception is once you've got them at their max champ level. The sellback price skyrockets then, giving you a bunch of HP as well as almost enough ISO to level and champ another 2*. So once you've invested in a character, it's usually best to see it through.
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    Squirrel Girl is coming up as Dat Required Character in DDQ so hanging on to her might be a good idea after all. With champed 2* you have a shot at beating the BE although it won't be easy.

    Another thing worth thinking about although not really such a priority now is that there tend to be certain staple characters that will pop up time and again in Boss Events as being required side nodes. Wolverine, Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk are reoccuring favourites for this with Hawkeye and Widow also featured fairly often. So you might want to keep one eye on that as your roster grows also so you get to have more fun when these run.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,447 Chairperson of the Boards
    Strang3 and Blad3 are excellent 3*s, but I too would recommend that you build a 2* farm sooner than later. As previously mentioned, it'll probably take a week or two after you get them to champ for it to start "working," but once that snowball is rolling, you'll be very comfortably acquiring what you need. I would then say that even though very few of them are meta-defining at this point, you would be well served to make sure you have all the farm-fed 3*s on roster as well. Every time you turn over a 2*, you'll have 2 more covers across the build getting pumped into them, and once a 3* gets up into the 220s for level, they start dropping really good rewards as well. It may even be worth your time to just leave some of them as your only bonus hero until they get up that high to jumpstart the process.
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    Foghorn Leghorn, definitely.
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