All the different character rankings.

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There are plenty helpful threads, sites and documents that rank the characters in the game, tier by tier.
Why not try and collect all these under one topic?

Here's what i know of:

MPQ Ranked (A complete and updated ranking with short information by an unknown person)
"Tier List.xlsx" (very detailed work in progress 4* ranking lists by DesertTortoise)
A Mostly Accurate 4* Ranking (updated, detailed, fun reading - helpful)
Xenodragons's MPQ Character Tier List (updated and very good)
Pastemagazine article: The Best Marvel Puzzle Quest Characters (not updated but was very good a year ago)
Dauthi's 4* Guide (sadly not updated for a while)
Dauthi's 3* Guide (sadly not updated since Thanos was released - any new player that doesn't read this guide will suck)
Colognoisseur's 11 The 4* released since January 2017 (good write-up)
The Irrelevant 7 III: The new 4*'s released since 10/16 (good as usual)
The Irrelevant 7 Part Deux: The 4*'s released since 5/16 (good reading)
The Irrelevant 7: The 4*'s released since January 2016 (good reading)

What did I miss? Add in the comments and I'll add to the original post. :)


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    Found a link to this one on reddit in a post from a year ago. Looks like it is still updated regularly.
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    There's the annual one that everyone on the forums vote on:

    It's a year old at this point, though it's a yearly tradition with links to previous year's ratings.
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    Still trying different opponents, but 4* Widow, Domino, and 3* Iron Fist has been “winfinite” for me so far. I start by adding 2 Purple AP, and after one purple match, Fist can turn the board black, with Domino helping more black tiles fall. Widow’s stun helps with crowd control, and keeps the black below 12 AP to allow Fist to keep turning purple to black. If the matches net you enough yellow, Widow’s yellow can drop AP costs by 2. I get lots of 5+ matches, and to keep the whole opposing team stunned. Experimenting to see if Domino is needed or a better third would make the grind move more quickly. (Note: This is with my two 4* unchampioned [level 210].) Waiting to see how consistent this is before investing the iso to champ two typically lower-rated 4*s.