A solution needed for 6th cover

The most infuriating broken part of this game is having a character with 5 covers and pulling a 6th and it happens SO often...
Give an ability to swap a colour if we get a 6th and are not yet a champion...
Sitting with a 1/5/2 and getting a 6th just hurts.
My ProfX is at 0/4/4... I dont bother push for any cover since that will only cause.mw.griwf later... I pulled a 6th on the last Duck event and my Reed Richards has been at 515 fo ever.

If a colour swap isnt possible then make the sale of that cover worth 2x or better iso8... give us something here



  • MissoesRicRoseMissoesRicRose Posts: 39 Just Dropped In
    It's very annoying indeed. It is only repeated all the time. It sucks.
  • MissoesRicRoseMissoesRicRose Posts: 39 Just Dropped In
    I gave as a suggestion, the creation of a store to be able to change the colors. But so far nothing. If it continues so many people have already agreed to stop playing.
  • venyveny Posts: 649 Critical Contributor
    My 0/5/0 Goblin agrees and my three 5/13/2 Prof Xs are lauging in corner waiting for another purple to come :D

    We need some "Hybernation chamber" - just a roster with 2 slots (more could be unlocked with HPs) where you could store your covers for unlimited time. And after champing the covers, you simply pick all duplicates and use them for adding champ levels.
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