X-23 Upcoming Crash of the Titans -is there a realistic chance for my LV 152 3/1/3 X-23?

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Planning to take on the challenge but would like to hear if this is just crazy or realistic. I'm counting on her one red cover to make a key difference in this fight, Not counting on purple so green would be the main damage source.

Would love to hear your success story and advice!


  • Dormammu
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    These are the types of things I hoard my boosts for. Give her +AP and +match damage, should be doable. Might take you a couple of tries and a favorable board.

    When i do a Crash with a under-leveled/covered character I often find denying the opponent specific AP is as important a tactic as gathering my own. 
  • TheHungryPet
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    OJSP said:

    If there's a will, there's a way.. with a lot of luck and boosts..
    Thanks for the link, that instills a lot of confidence in my endeavour! The first crash I ever won was with my lv131 0/1/4 Gwenpool which was as difficult as it was rewarding.

    I hate Elektra with a passion so that might help, too ;D
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    Remember to use the X-Men boost if you still have any.
  • BryanMc82
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    I did it at 120 no boosts.
  • veneretio
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    I did it at 94 1/2/1 with a lot of boosts. (Xmen, Match damage and AP)